What will be the furnishing trends that will accompany the year that has just begun
What colors and patterns that will dress our homes in 2020
What should we expect for the next few months
Why if it is true that furnishing trends are not so “fickle” like those of fashion it is also true that every year brings with it new ideas and develops new awareness also in the home universe. To understand what will happen in the new year, here are 4 “previews” of trends that, in our opinion, will be central in 2020 and that will find a place in our homes (perhaps even beyond 2020). Flexibility of spaces and functions
Already at the end of 2019 one of the most interesting furnishing trends was linked to the flexibility of the environments, a trend that in 2020 is destined to consolidate. Free environments that break down the boundaries between spaces, and with them the different functions, will inhabit the new houses, with living areas that will take over the kitchen and kitchens that will take over the living room, but also, and above all, with functional home office areas that they enter the bedroom and living room, unhinging traditional furnishing schemes and opening up to new, decidedly dynamic and flexible situations. This will bring into the home new ductile furnishings that are easily adaptable to environments and to rediscover needs, multifunctional furniture that exploits previously unused corners,Mon amour ceramic
To be used not only for floors and walls in bathrooms and kitchens, but also as a material for furnishings and accessories (there are several furnishings that use ceramic for floors and structures), ceramic, better if colored and decorated, will be the central ingredient of many furnishing recipes of the year that has just begun. Traditional and white or colorful and decorated, like the Spanish and Portuguese azulejos, it will dress the new bathrooms with ultra-minimal thicknesses and solutions created with new technologies, but it will also be the versatile decorative element that will embellish and give character to the home. Green at home among real plants, flowers and (the inevitable) botanical prints
2020 will be more than ever a green year with plants and home gardens that find more and more space within the walls of the house. From green and flowering ornamental plants, passing through aromatic herbs and up to real gardens at home, plants will inhabit our homes in various ways, opening up to an ever-growing search for sustainability and awareness on important issues related to nature. and the environment and for a healthier and more sustainable life. Nature that will continue, among other things, to be the central furnishing trend of decorations and patterns for wallpapers, tiles and textile and furnishing accessories. Plants, leaves, flowers and shrubs, also in 2020, will give refined elegance to domestic environments by bringing greenery and nature into the home. About color
After years of color trends for the home linked to vibrant and vitamin hues, 2020 will still be a year with the protagonist color of our homes, but declined in colder and calmer shades. The protagonists will be the colder shades of blue, such as the Classic Blue Pantone 2020 color, but also the more subtle combinations of green, such as the Tranquil Dawn by Sikkens, versatile shades, but decided easily combinable with traditional materials such as wood and perfect for renovating. and give new light to environments. Moreover, perfect shades to warm and give color to (beloved) furnishing styles such as the Nordic one and thus renew the neutral shades that distinguish it.
The revenge of a traditional material such as ceramic, the (360 °) affirmation of the green element, the birth of increasingly versatile environments and few, but precise, brushstrokes of color, these are some of the furnishing trends that will characterize 2020. and that over the months they will surely give us insights and ideas for new inspirations.
Claudia Schiera

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