Prosecco or Prosek
This was also discussed during the meeting of the Bureau of the European People’s Group which was held this week in Rome. Croatian Dubravka Suica, Vice President of the European Commission, made it clear that she likes both of them, underlining that Prosek in Croatian is pronounced “Proscek” and therefore for them the linguistic similarity with our Prosecco is not evident.
The Prosek – Prosecco question was in fact raised by the President of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini and by the Undersecretary for Agriculture Francesco Battistoni in their respective interventions during the panel dedicated to the sustainability of farms. The EPP meeting alternated face-to-face and remote interventions, and was a fruitful opportunity for discussion between important European personalities: Manfred Weber president of the Group, Ursula von der Leyen president of the European Commission (remotely), the vice-presidents of the EU Commission Schinas and Suica, the former president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.
There are many topics covered, from agriculture to Christian values, from the future of Europe to work. And it is precisely the “Jobs Jobs Jobs” panel that saw Silvio Berlusconi as the protagonist: in his remote intervention, he clearly and concisely reiterated the priorities for continuing to build a “true” European Union. But in addition to the official issues, there were three predominant issues in the corridors: the German elections, the choice of the future EPP candidate to lead the Strasbourg hemicycle (after the withdrawal of the Weber Group president’s candidacy) and the possible federation of Italian center-right parties and consequently the Lega’s entry into the EPP.
On this last point, Undersecretary of Defense Giorgio Mule (guest among the speakers) intervened, declaring: the time is now ripe for the League at EU level to come “on the right side”, abandoning “nationalistic sentiments” to share with Forza Italia the “pro-European values” of the European People’s Party. As for the race for the presidency of the European Parliament, there are two names circulating in the EPP: the Dutch Esther de Lange and the Maltese Roberta Metsola.
Many people like the idea of ​​nominating one of the two women, but the well-informed point out that putting aside the “pink quota policy” for a moment, the best candidate for President, endowed with experience, political skills and negotiating skills, will calls Esteban Gonzalez Pons (currently vice president of the Ppe Group). On the German elections, it is rumored that, given the polls, the German center-right (CDU-CSU) had to resort to Angela Merkel asking her to enter the electoral campaign by intensifying her participation in public events and on television because apparently at every appearance corresponds to an increase in the percentages.
In a few days we will know who won the elections, within two months the candidate node of the EPP for president of the European Parliament will be dissolved, while the Lega tra i Popolari question will take longer, given that the first step in that direction should to be the foundation of the united center right or CDU as Berlusconi called it.
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