Tuesday brings us another long list of films that can be seen at the Seville Film Festival. In it, we can go from Melilla to Palestine, from the Poland of the 1970s to a Texas threatened by a hurricane, or go back to the Spain of l’andismo’. With several awards as endorsement , this is the selection of essentials for today’s event.

Official Selection: Diaries of Otsoga

The Portuguese Miguel Gomes together with the French Maureen Fazendeiro work together again to bring us a film set in the summer of 2020 . Apart from the difficulty of shooting a feature film in times of a pandemic, both directors show us the bitter side of confinement. You will have your pass today at 7:45 p.m., in Cinesur Nervion Plaza.

The New Waves: 1970

‘1970’ takes us to a Poland where, after fifteen years of communism, people take to the streets to protest government decisions. This psychological thriller features actual recordings of conversations between the leaders of the Ministry of the Interior . Tomasz Wolski, its director, won an award at the Visions du Reel festival for a medium-length film and this film, which can be seen at 12:30 pm at Cinesur Nervion Plaza, was also awarded.

Official Selection: Alegria

Violeta Salama has been inspired by her personal experiences to make this feature film. The filmmaker from Melilla takes us to her hometown, where Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures coexist. A comedy about this cultural plurality, which Salama poses to us from the feminine. Cecilia Suarez or Laia Manzanares are some of the actresses we find in this film, which can be seen at Cinesur Nervion Plaza at 5:15 p.m.

Permanent Revolutions: Ghost Song

Nicolas Peduzzi premiered in Cannes this film set in a Texas threatened by a hurricane. Among the diversity that we can find in the North American city, the Parisian director shows us the story of the rapper OMB Bloodbath, who suffers the loss of a close friend, and of William, with drug addiction problems. Awarded at the FIDMarseille , it can be enjoyed at 12:00 p.m.at Cinesur Nervion Plaza.

Andalusian Panorama: Chipen life

Vanesa Benitez, in her second feature film, takes us back several decades to show us the Spain that began to establish itself as a tourist destination. Paco Foto, the star of ‘La vida chipen’, spends his time partying when he’s not chasing celebrities like Ava Gardner or Frank Sinatra. This film by the Mano Negra Films company will be screened at Cinesur Nervion Plaza at 5:15 p.m.

EFA Selection: 200 Meters
Two hundred meters is the distance that separates two Palestinian towns, also divided by the Israeli wall, the wall that separates Mustafa from his family. When his son gets sick, the protagonist will have to do anything to get to the other side. Ameen Nayfeh brings us this story that has been awarded at the Giornate degli Autori in Venice . The debut feature of the Palestinian can be seen at Cinesur Nervion Plaza and will start at 10:15 p.m.

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