The Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe and, before flowing into the North Sea, it passes through 6 countries. Most of its course, over 800 km, however, runs in German territory . This land is waiting to be discovered, it also lends itself to being visited by car or bicycle, thanks to a wonderful cycle path suitable for everyone!
The valley is full of small villages, castles and big cities, it is almost impossible to choose just a few things to visit! Our advice is to prepare an itinerary ad hoc, but here you can find out what to see in the Rhine Valley : cities and attractions not to be missed!

Cities and attractions

1 – Mainz
E ‘the city of departure for discovering the Rhine Valley ! Once you land at Frankfurt airport, you can easily reach the city by direct train (20 min, average cost € 9.00).
Once you arrive, you will be immediately captivated by the beauty of the historic center of Mainz . Characterized by wonderful half-timbered houses and home to an old university, in Mainz you cannot miss a visit to the Gutenberg Museum (Tue-Sat 9: 00-17: 00, Sun 11: 00-17: 00, € 5.00 ).

2 – Koblenz
Koblenz is the last city to be visited on a trip to the Rhine Valley. To tell the truth, many still continue on the journey, reaching Bonn and Cologne and then returning to Italy, but these are located in the Upper Rhine Valley
. to dedicate at least two days to it . The first day strolls through its characteristic historic center, visit from the outside the Schloss Koblenz and the Deutsches Eck, an imposing monument located at the meeting point of the two rivers. The second day cross the Rhine and reach the other side to visit Fort Asterstein (always accessible) and Festung Ehrenbreitstein (10: 00-18: 00, free), a fortress perched on a hill from which to admire a spectacular panorama!

3 – Bingen am Rhein and Rudesheim am Rhein
The entire Rhine Valley is full of small characteristic villages! To visit them all it would probably take a month, so we advise you to stop in the most typical and characteristic ones ! Two of these are Bingen am Rhein and Rudesheim am Rhein, not far from Mainz, located on opposite banks of the river, almost opposite each other!
Bingen am Rhein is the largest city in the Mainz district . Also ideal for making a stop during the first night, here we recommend you get lost in the streets of the center , visit the most famous city museum, the Museum am Strom (10: 00-17: 00, € 3.00) and admire from the shore the Binger Mauseturm, a tower located on an islet in the middle of the Rhine.
Rudesheim am Rhein is located on the opposite bank and one of the main attractions is the Ruine Burg Ehrenfels , the ruins of an ancient fortress! Unfortunately closed to the public, it is possible to get closer thanks to a path that runs through the area, the Niederwald in Rudesheim. Also not to be missed is the Niederwalddenkmal monument and the marvelous Abtei St. Hildegard , an abbey surrounded by vineyards (Mon-Sat 10 am-5pm, Sun 12 pm-5pm).

4 – Burg Rheinstein and Burg Reichenstein
Not far from the aforementioned Bingen am Rhein and Rudesheim am Rhein are two of the most beautiful castles in the whole valley , arranged close together and with names that may sound similar to us. We are talking about the Burg Rheinstein and Burg Reichenstein.
The Burg Rheinstein is located on the banks of the Rhine, perched on a rocky spur, chosen for its strategic position , and is part of the town of Trechtingshausen. It was built around 1316 and 1317, but was later rebuilt, between 1825 and 1844. Today it belongs to the Rhine family, who in the 1980s granted it to the government to turn it into a museum (10: 00-17: 00, € 6 , 00).
Just 2 km away is the Burg Reichenstein, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which today is a hotel, has a restaurant and even a museum(Tue-Sat 10: 00-18: 00, € 8.50). Mentioned in official documents for the first time in 1213, its construction dates back to the years of 1100. Over the centuries, this castle also suffered damage, reconstructions and renovations and today belongs to the Puricelli family.

5 – Kloster Eberbach
Photo of SBT. But not only castles, the Rhine Valley is in fact full of wonderful abbeys of several centuries ! Some have remained so to this day, while others have been converted to other functions. One of the latter is the beautiful Kloster Eberbach, an abbey in a romantic and gothic style. It is located in the locality of Eltville am Rhein, not far from Mainz (28 km) and Rudesheim am Rhein (15 km).
This abbey was deconsecrated in 1803 and has now been converted into a wine cellar that produces wine and hosts events (10 am-7pm, Sat, Sun and holidays from 9am). Here you can take part in a wine tour or tour of the Monastery, in fact its architecture and its interiors have been preserved and from the outside it looks like a real abbey! There are also numerous events organized , especially in the summer, such as concerts and tastings! For all the info, programs and costs, you can consult the official website.

6 – Sankt Goar and Loreley
Sankt Goar is located about halfway between Mainz and Koblenz and is a must-see stopon a trip to the Rhine Valley, also ideal for spending a night! This is because, in addition to the town, all the surroundings are worth a visit. This is also the ideal place to enjoy a small and pleasant cruise on the Rhine.
In Sankt Goar we absolutely recommend that you do not miss the two castles of the city , the St. Goar and the Burg Rheinfels! You can also reach them on foot with one of the many walking paths present here, such as the Mittelrheintal and the Rhein-Burgen-Weg, which will also give you a wonderful view of the Rhine!
But two of the main attractions are of a natural nature: we are talking about the central part of the Rhine Gorge (ideal to discover on a cruise), the name used to indicate the entire stretch between Koblenz and Bingen am Rhein, and the Loreley, a famous promontory at the foot of which is the statue of the homonymous siren! Loreley is located on the opposite shore (reachable from Sankt Goar by ferry, € 1.90 each way), and you can climb to the top, on the panoramic terrace, following one of the many routes.

7 – Schloss Stolzenfels
It is a wonderful castle not to be missed , it is located less than 10 km from Koblenz (Tue-Fri 10: 300-16: 45, Sat, Sun and holidays 10: 00-18: 00, € 5 , 00, car parking € 1.00 / hour). Also located in a strategic position, on a small promontory from which to admire all the surroundings, andsurrounded by trees and unspoiled and silent nature , making the atmosphere and location even more magical!
This wonderful castle, which will immediately catch your eye , also thanks to its white color completely in contrast with the green of nature, was built in the 13th century, but was destroyed in 1689. What we can see today was built between 1836 and 1847 in the Gothic style! Today it is partly a museum that you can visit, which also organizes interactive activities even for the little ones!

8 – Burg Liebenstein and Burg Sterrenberg
Photo by Phantom3Pix. In the locality of Kamp-Bornhofen there are two other wonderful castles that absolutely deserve a stopand, being close, about 100 m away, you can visit them both in one morning! We are talking about Burg Liebenstein and Burg Sterrenberg.
The Burg Liebenstein, perched on a hill, is the tallest castle in the Middle Rhine and was built around 1284, it is also called Burg Levenstein. You can also reach it on foot following the Rheinsteig path and, once you get to the top, you can admire a beautiful view over the whole valley ! Today the castle is a hotel, but you can take advantage of the restaurant for a lunch overlooking the Rhine!
The Burg Sterrenberg, only 100 m away, is now an event center, where in addition to conferences and events, weddings can also be organized! Built around 1190, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is Burg Liebenstein.

9 – Oberwesel and Burg Pfalzgrafenstein
Photo by Gabriele Delhey. Oberwesel is a small town located in the initial part of the Middle Rhine Valley, about 55 km from Mainz. Ideal for making a stop during the night , we advise you to dedicate a day to it to visit both the center and the surroundings!
If you are traveling through the Valley from Mainz to Koblenz, after leaving Bingen am Rhein and before arriving in the center of Oberwesel, pay attention to the view, because at some point you will come across Burg Pfalzgrafenstein, a castle located on a small island in the middle of the Reno. Here it is possible to take part in a small visit with guides in period costumes (10: 00-18: 00, € 7.00). Once you arrive in the town, take some time to explore the small and characteristic historic center or to discover the many wine cellars in the surrounding area!

10 – Cycle path along the Rhine
Photo by celsius. You are looking for a green and peaceful trip
Without timetables, taking the time you need and following a slower pace of life
Then you should know that many, every year, decide to visit the Rhine Valley by bicycle! This is in fact crossed by one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe !
As far as costs are concerned, this is not an expensive trip: on average you will spend about € 10.00 per day for a bike and along the way there are numerous stopping points and parking lots equipped for stopping. In addition, you can stay in the various villages along the way, we recommend booking in advance! Finally, the journey is really very simple, mostly flat , really suitable for everyone! The difficulty level is medium / low.


itineraries 11-day itinerary: between the villages and castles of the Rhine, from Mainz to Cologne

  1. First day : arrival at the airport in Frankfurt (1 hour and 40 minutes flight from Rome); transfer to Mainz and exploratory tour of the city; overnight stay
  2. Second day : breakfast at the hotel; visit of the city of Mainz, its historic center, the 6-towered cathedral and the Gutenberg Museum; in the evening transfer to the city of Bingen am Rhein (30 km), hotel accommodation and overnight stay
  3. Third day : day in Bingen; morning visit to the Museum am Strom and the castle; afternoon hiking in the Binger Weintor area to the Sankt Rupertus Kloster Monastery; overnight stay
  4. Fourth day : departure in the morning to reach Sankt Goar; along the way stops to visit Rheinstein Castle and Reichenstein Castle in the morning, lunch break in the town of Niederheimbach, in the afternoon visit to the town of Oberwesel; arrival in Sankt Goar and overnight
  5. Fifth day : daily excursion to the Rhine Gorge and afternoon in the historic center of the town; overnight in Sankt Goar
  6. Sixth day : departure in the morning from Sankt Goar, arrival after half an hour in Koblenz (40 km), hotel accommodation and lunch; afternoon visit of the historic center and of the Schloss Koblenz; dinner and overnight stay
  7. Seventh day : visit of the city of Koblenz and important attractions such as Deutsches Eck, Fort Asterstein, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Prince Elector’s Castle; overnight stay
  8. Eighth day : departure in the morning from Koblenz, arrival before lunch in Bonn (80 km, one hour by car); hotel accommodation and lunch; afternoon visit to Drachenburg castle in Konigswinter; dinner and overnight stay
  9. Ninth day : visit of the historic center, the Cathedral, the Beethoven House and the Poppelsdorf Castle; in the evening departure for Cologne (30 km, 28 minutes by car); hotel accommodation, dinner and overnight stay
  10. Tenth day : visit of the historic center of Cologne, including the main attractions such as the Cathedral, the Koln Triangle, the Altern Markt, the Frankenwerft; in the afternoon enjoy a cruise on the Rhine; dinner and overnight stay
  11. Eleventh day : take advantage of the last hours for a last tour and for a tour in the Hohe Strasse, the shopping street; in the afternoon transfer to Cologne / Bonn airport and return to Italy (2 h flight to Rome)

How much does it cost
Price details

  • Price per person starting from : € 1,100.00
  • Custom quote : click here to request a custom quote

7-day itinerary: discovering the Rhine Valley by bicycle

  1. First day : arrival at the airport in Frankfurt (1 hour and 40 minutes flight from Rome); transfer to Mainz and visit of the city; overnight stay
  2. Second day : the Rhine Valley has one of the most beautiful cycle paths in all of Europe; departure from Mainz and arrival in Rudesheim am Rhein (about 40 km); city ​​tour and overnight stay
  3. Third day : departure from Rudesheim am Rhein and arrival in Sankt Goar (about 35 km); along the way stop in Lorely; accommodation in accommodation in Sankt Goar, dinner and overnight stay
  4. Fourth day : departure from Sankt Goar and arrival in Koblenz (about 36 km); along the way stop in Sankt Goar; accommodation in accommodation in Koblenz, dinner and overnight
  5. Fifth day : departure from Koblenz and arrival in Bad Godesberg (approx. 48 km); accommodation in accommodation in Bad Godesberg, dinner and apartment
  6. Sixth day : departure from Bad Godesberg and arrival in Cologne (about 40 km); accommodation in accommodation in Cologne, dinner and apartment
  7. Seventh day : tour of the city of Cologne; transfer to Cologne / Bonn airport and return to Italy (2 h flight to Rome)

How much does it cost
Price details

  • Price per person starting from : € 800.00
  • Custom quote : click here to request a custom quote

Travel informed: useful information and necessary documents

  • Main cities : Mainz and Koblenz, the starting and ending point of the Rhine valley
  • Languages : German
  • Local currency : euro (€)
  • Climate : continental, with hot summers and cold winters, with temperatures that even drop below 0. The best times to visit this area are mid-seasons, when temperatures are pleasant.
  • Distance from Italy : 957.75 km (1 h and 40 min flight) from Rome to the reference airport of the Rhine Valley, Frankfurt Airport (30 km from Mainz)
  • Travel / health insurance : recommended. With us you get a 10% discount and you have full coverage, 24h medical insurance and unlimited telephone advice. Get
    a free quote

Where it is
The Rhine Valley is located in Germany and develops around the course of the River Rhine . Along the way, on both banks, you will find numerous villages, castles and cities. The best known and most visited part of tourism is that of the Middle Rhine Valley, starting from Mainz and ending in Koblenz . But the Rhine Valley goes even further north, in the part of the Upper Rhine Valley, where large cities such as Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf are located.

When to go
Info on climate and best period

Month Average temperatures (min / max) Precipitation (days / mm) January 0/5 ° 10 days / 45 mm
February 0/6 ° 7 days / 35 mm
March 3/11 ° 9 days / 50 mm
April 5/15 ° 9 days / 45 mm
May 9th / 19th 10th day / 60mm
June 12th / 22nd 10th day / 60mm
July 14th / 25th 9th day / 65mm
August 14th / 24th 8th day / 55mm
September 11th / 20th 8th day / 50mm
October 8/15 ° 9 days / 55 mm
November 3/9 ° 10 days / 50 mm
December 1/5 ° 10 days / 55 mm

  • Best period : from mid-May to September, when temperatures are pleasant even if not very sunny. Cool and rainy days can occur (maximum around 15 °); In September, the days begin to shorten
  • Period to avoid : winter is not really to be avoided but, certainly, the least suitable. Being influenced by the ocean it is the mildest area in Germany, but it is also humid and sometimes windy

Tours and excursions in the Rhine

Valley DIY Rhine Valley: Flights, Costs and Tips
A trip to the Rhine Valley is an unforgettable experience, as you will discover wonderful and postcard landscapes : from cities like Mainz (Mainz in German) , Koblenz, Bonn and the beautiful Cologne, to small medieval villages on the banks of the river, from ancient castles to trekking routes.
It is possible to organize a low cost trip among these beauties, for example by renting a car and moving freely and booking all the accommodations in time. But if you want to live an even more authentic experience, our advice is to rent a bicycle: the Rhine Valley is traveled byone of the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe ! On average, you will spend about € 10.00 per day for a bike and along the way you will find rest stops and equipped parking lots. Furthermore, the route is very simple, mostly flat, with a medium / low level of difficulty, therefore really suitable for everyone!

  • Minimum period for a tour in the Rhine Valley : 7 days
  • Recommended cities for base : Mainz, Bingen, Bonn, Cologne
  • How to get around : by car, train and bicycle along one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe, with a route suitable even for those who are not trained, with parking areas and stops. Some cities can be reached by ferry (ex: from Bonn to Cologne)
  • Flights : the reference airports are Frankfurt (30 km from Mainz, the starting point mainly for the Middle Rhine Valley), and Cologne / Bonn, where many tours end (compare flights)
  • Accommodations and accommodations : in the larger cities you will have a wide choice of solutions and prices, while in the smaller towns the offer decreases and you can also live more typical experiences and stays. On average, the offer starts from € 50.00 per night per room, for small towns we advise you to book in advance to ensure affordable prices – compare the best accommodations on Booking

Travel Insurance: Our Advice
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