Going on a beach holiday is always a war between space and necessity. Dealing with the preparation of a suitcase requires patience, practical sense and organization. You have to prepare a list and decide in advance the occasions of use and find simple solutions for the beach, in the afternoon and in the evening.
Here are 10 must haves of what to pack for a week at the beach !

1. Organized and practical beauty-case
Life on the beach is hard and tiring, you need to be organized to be ready for any situation. Having a beauty caseorganized and indispensable! Prepare it first by putting it in: sunscreen, comb, after sun cream, your favorite magazine and mosquito repellents inside.

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2. Practical and light
backpack Whether you are about to take a flight, a train or your car, don’t make the mistake of taking a small trolley! Better a comfortable backpack both as hand luggage and as a travel bag. Choose one that suits your physique, with an adjustable backrest. Take care to choose it with a zip on the front so that you always have mobile phones and documents at hand.

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3. Travel documents and keys

Print all hotel, flight / train / ship and car / motorcycle rental reservations. Divide them by days and put them in a plastic folder so as to be sure not to pick them up or wet them. Write down the useful numbers to call, of course there are cell phones but anything can happen on vacation! Bring your destination guide and save the pages of travel sites that seem interesting to you on your mobile or tablet.
Do not forget to make a copy of your passport or credit card so as not to always carry them with you but to leave them in the safety deposit box. And the copy of the documents can save your holiday in case of loss! If you are traveling with your car, always make a copy of the ownership documents and bring the spare keys.

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4. Scarf or bandana is essential to the sea
The scarf has different uses. You can use it as a headband, as a belt, to cover yourself from the wind or as an accessory for the evening. Get some different designs and indulge yourself! For boys … don’t underestimate the wind a bandana can save you from a vacation ruined by a sore throat. Scooters are also often rented at the beach, a bandana is essential to cover the neck or, for those without hair, to be worn as a health and hygiene safety in case of using a rented helmet.

5. Swimsuit
It’s not the sea without a swimsuit! You can show off costumes in quantity and play with the separates to create looks for the late afternoon too. Bring as many costumes as your vacation days.

6. The right shoes
Every woman’s dilemma: Shoes , how many and which ones to bring
If there is a minimum amount of luggage, choose flip-flops, low and comfortable day sandals and a lace-up shoe if you plan to go hiking or travel by scooter or with road quad. Closed, laced shoes are also useful if you walk in places where there is no sidewalk or where the coat is covered with insects and leaves. They protect your foot and avoid unpleasant accidents. If you really can’t do without it, bring heels for the nightlife!

7. T-shirt at will
Half sleeve t – shirts can never be missing. If you go to a particularly hot place, count two for the day and one for the evening. Divide the shirts according to the occasion of use (day and evening). Never forget to pack two white t-shirts that can go well with anything!

8. Tech Case
Photo by Andrewlp1991. Prepare a case with cell phone charger , iPad / Kindle charger and headphones. In this way you will not miss anything and they will always be protected from sand and water. If you prepare your technological case first, you will always be sure that you have not forgotten your mobile phone charger at home! If you go abroad don’t forget the power adapter to charge your devices everywhere.

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9. Reorganized wallet
It is completely useless to take all the cards from the supermarket and the various shopping centers on vacation. Empty your walletor use one for your holidays, perhaps with summer colors. In your wallet, for the holiday period, keep only the necessary: ​​identity documents, driving license, money, health document and credit cards. If you are abroad, when you go out and about, leave everything in hotel safety deposit boxes and move lightly.

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10. Medicines
Make a list of the medicines you usually take and bring at least three more than you need. Also take generic medications for fever, dysentery and headache. Always insert contraceptives and sanitary pads even if it doesn’t seem the case… anything can happen on vacation !!

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