Skincare is not just for women, even men’s skin needs hydration and precautions to always be at its best. To create a respectable men’s beauty product, products dedicated to beard, mustache and shaving cannot be missing , but they are not the only ones to be included. If you want to start taking care of your skin and always have a travel beauty ready to use , whether for a romantic weekend or a business trip, this is what you can never miss.

  • The 3 essentials of the skincare routine: face cleanser, face cream and eye contour cream
  • Perfume, one of the most loved cosmetics by man
  • Razor, electric razor or beard trimmer
  • Aftershave, here’s how to choose it
  • A comb is always useful, whether it is for the beard, mustache or hair
  • The inevitable in any beauty man: toothbrush, toothpaste
  • The body also wants its part: don’t forget the bubble bath and the deodorant
  • Other small useful accessories to be included in men’s beauty: nail clippers, file and tweezers

The 3 essentials of the skincare routine: face cleanser, face cream and eye contour cream
In every beauty, whether for men or women, there is never a lack of facial skin products. They are chosen not so much on the basis of sex, but on the characteristics and type of skin. As a first step it is good to insert a facial cleanser , which does not mean a make-up remover. Male skin alsoneeds to be washed, cleansed and cleansed, even if it doesn’t wear any makeup. This is because during the day the skin sweats, there is a cell turnover and, leaving the house, the pollution is deposited on the face, which is filled with bacteria and dirt.
Also for detergents there are various types, for dry, combination, oily or imperfections skin. Another product to take care of the skin that should not be missing is a face cream . Usually the male public does not like textures that are too full-bodied, greasy or very nourishing, so it is better to opt for a quick-absorbing gel formula, which contains few oils and is moisturizing, without weighing down. Fluids and serums are ideal but also very light creams. Don’t forget an SPF for the day, especially if you work outside the home in the sun.
Lincoln Man Face Moisturizer
The Lincoln Man Face Moisturizer is perfect for men’s skin because it absorbs quickly and is not greasy, but at the same time it is moisturizing and soothing, even for the most sensitive skin.
11,99 EUR
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Last, but not least, for those who want to take a next step in their male skincare routine is the eye contour cream . The male face often has a bony structure that leads the nose, more protruding and larger, to overshadow the area around the eyes. These dark shadows, when combined with dark circles, make the look tired and the dark eye, more sunken. A good eye contour cream, on the other hand, helps to drain and improves circulation in the area, eliminating redness and bags and thus helping the eye contour to appear more rested. Perfume, one of the most loved cosmetics by man
Perfume is perhaps the most used cosmetic by man, because it is quick to apply, it is not massaged, it is sprayed and immediately makes you feel more fresh and at ease. Themen’s fragrances are so many and often much more intense than women’s ones. Certainly less sweet, the woody and spicy ones are the most popular, but for the summer you can also think of something fresher and more pungent, which gives character without being too overbearing a perfume.
Calvin Klein Eternity Air For Men

    32,50 EUR
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    An unmissable accessory, however, is the razor. The classic razor is useful for men who shave one-off but also for those who do not wear a beard or are attentive to its profiles and geometric lines and do not like to let it grow uncultivated. Better to opt for the eco-friendly models, with a slightly retro flavor, with interchangeable blades and entirely made of aluminum. This avoids the consumption of plastic both of the handle and of the various interchangeable heads.
    The electric razorinstead it is perfect for those who shave every day because it allows an excellent result in a very short time and without the risk of cutting yourself. So if you don’t like a long beard and you cut it daily, it can be the best and most practical choice.
    For those who wear a long , essential beard and a beard trimmer , which will help to maintain its profiles and make it grow more tidy and with a precise shape. It is also a useful accessory for those who keep their hair very short because thanks to the various interchangeable heads it is possible to decide the length of the shave. A useful accessory therefore both for those who have a long beard but also for those who wear a short beard , to be able to have it all of the same length.
    Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver 50-B 1200S
    119,99 EUR
    84,99 EUR
    Buy on Amazon Aftershave, here’s how
    to choose it . calm the skin and regenerate it. There are various types, from liquids to real creams and they are chosen on the basis of these characteristics. Better to avoid products with alcohol, which could irritate the skin more or burn in the case of small wounds. The fluids are suitable for those with combination or oily skin, because they are lighter, while in the case of drier or dehydrated skin it is better to opt for a richer product.A comb is always useful, whether it is for the beard, mustache or hair
    A comb is a must have in beauty because it can always be handy. For those who have a mustache, together with a wax, it is used to keep them in order and give them a defined shape, for those who keep a beard it is ideal for eliminating knots and distributing moisturizing balms and nourishing oils in the best possible way. But a comb is not bulky compared to a brush and therefore is also excellent for those who wear long hair, perhaps with the side parting or in general to keep them in order and shape them with the gel.
    Camden Barbershop Company Ultralight Beard Comb
    The ultra-light beard comb from Camden Barbershop Company is ideal for those with long beards, to comb it, eliminate knots and distribute oils and products to take care of it. It is light and resistant because it is made of pear wood and suitable for all types of beards.
    12,99 EUR
    Buy on Amazon The essentials in any beauty man: toothbrush, toothpaste
    They will be discounted products, but in a self-respecting beauty, toothbrush and toothpaste cannot be missing, which, in reality, are two of the most forgotten products when traveling. Being a daily habit we tend to automatically put them back in the same place and they are indispensable products until just before departure. As much as you make lists, it often happens to forget them at home so leaving a toothbrush and toothpaste in the beauty salon is a good idea to always have a supply on hand. There are also travel kits, very comfortable and compact, perfect for emergencies. The body also wants its part: do not forget the shower gel and the deodorant
    It can be convenient to insert in the men’s beauty caseeven a bar of soap or a bubble bath. When traveling there are not always courtesy kits in hotels, so it’s better to have a plan B and bring something from home. They are products not to be underestimated, however, if you have very sensitive skin or any allergies, because the samples found in the rooms of most hotels are very simple products and could dry out or irritate the skin. Even the deodorant is a cosmetic for daily use not to be left at home, it is always better to have a spare one to be included in the beauty case so as not to risk running out of it. Other small useful accessories to be included in men’s beauty: nail clippers, file and tweezers
    They are small but not bulky and can be real lifesavers: let’s talk aboutnail clippers, file and tweezers , little considered but really useful accessories. The nail clipper is not only convenient for shortening them, but also for removing cuticles or for cutting some threads that come out of a t-shirt. The file, on the other hand, is a must have because there is nothing more boring than when you break a nail and remain attached anywhere, to any type of fabric, even risking scratching the skin. The tweezers, on the other hand, are useful for removing a few extra hairs, for example to fix the eyebrows, but it is also a lifesaver in the case of splinters or thorns, to remove them correctly without breaking them.

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