The use of a camping gas implies numerous benefits when it comes to camping or outdoor walks. These types of activities do not necessarily imply that we cannot enjoy a good hot meal outdoors. Its operation is very simple and very similar to that of traditional kitchens. In addition, they have a compact size so their transfer will not require any effort.
On the other hand, there are different types of camping gas, and even connections, but there are a series of characteristics that you should consult to know which one is best suited.both to your needs and your economy. We leave you the keys so that the choice of your camping gas is as simple as possible.

The type of gas

Gas campsites can use different fuels for proper operation. It is very important, when choosing one, to know what type of gas it works with, since it is very dangerous to use one other than the one specified by the manufacturer. In this way we have several types of gases that can be used in camping gas, and knowing how each of them works will help us choose the most appropriate for our needs:

Isobutane:Recommended for low temperature situations, since it has a high resistance to cold and can be used in thermal situations down to -12ºC.

Natural gas: used in gas campsites that require a connection to urban gas.

Propane: for extreme thermal conditions, reaching temperatures of up to -35ºC.

Butane gas: the most used, since its use only reaches 0ºC.

LPG: with the same volume it offers a higher energy value.

Weight and size

Normally, most of the commercialized camping gas have a compact size, but there are also larger ones for more specific situations. For excursions, the most recommended is to have asmall and light model, so that it can be transported comfortably in our backpack.


The watts , W, express the heating power of our camping gas. It is a measure that must be taken into account, since the more watts the greater the heat energy that our device will generate. Normally the ones with the highest power reach more than 9,000 W. The camping gas have keys or adjustment buttons to regulate this power.

Number of fires

When buying a suitable camping gas this is another element that we must consult. However, this feature is one of the easiest to solve, since the number of stoves will be linked to the number of dinersthat they enjoy it. The best sellers are usually made up of two or three burners.

Type of connection to the gas

Camping gas have various ways of connecting the stove to the gas and your choice should be based on both our technical knowledge and our own comfort. Thus, we will find stoves with a valve system, which allow the connection to the cartridge to be made directly; others have mounting above this cartridge, which will only have a single use; and finally through a hose, which will be connected directly by a valve to the cylinder.

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