We Spaniards really like drama, catastrophe, gossip… and winning the Lottery. It is enough for someone to drop the slightest possibility that something bad can happen for us to embrace the most absolute disaster and adopt the most apocalyptic position possible. It happened at the beginning of the pandemic, when we left the supermarkets without toilet paper rolls and everything points to it happening sooner rather than later after the alert of a large electricity blackout from 2025 launched from Austria
It doesn’t matter that the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has come out to rule out “categorically” that this is going to happen in Spain. Here we have already triggered the number of queries in search engines about the availability of gas cylinders for cooking and we threaten to put an end to the different survival kits that many have rushed to put on sale on Amazon to make their particular August energetic.
And what should that desired blackout survival kit contain

Experts talk about including water, non-perishable food, candles, flashlights, batteries or external batteries, a stove, a radio, a first aid kit and cash.

Provisions for one or two weeks
If the preludes of the Austrian government are fulfilled, the blackout that we would have to live through (it would not be the first that would occur in history) would be one or two weeks , so the recommended amount of water is two liters per person per day . Do the accounts.
Regarding non-perishable food , we are mainly talking about preserves, although looking at recent history with the pandemic, it may be that many devastated Mercadona without even wondering what the purpose of what they are putting in the shopping cart is.
The recommended amount of water to accumulate during an electrical blackout is two liters per person per day.
The absence of electricity would have to be replaced withflashlights, candles or solar energy lamps , so batteries would be an element that would have to be purchased in large proportions to ensure that everything we have that can work in that way is in order. Also for a radio or transistor radio , since in the event that the stations could continue reporting through a reinforcement system that they had, it would be important to stay informed and connected with the World to the extent of our possibilities.
The typical first aid kit that every home should have would find those two weeks with more medicines than usual, requiring greater foresight in those who are following a special and lasting treatment over time.
Seeing ourselves tied hand and foot to cook or shelter from the cold in case the blackout arrives in the middle of winter should be fought with a good gas cylinder for cooking , that stove that is already beginning to be sold at an accelerated rate in online shopping , blankets and abundant warm clothing .
Finally, it would be necessary to have a cushion of cash in the event that the ATMs stop working and the banks are forced to close those days due to the impossibility of serving their customers.

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