Getting pregnant is not an easy task. There are hardly a couple of days a month in which the situation is optimal to conceive and, therefore, when trying to get pregnant , it is vital to have an exhaustive control of the days around ovulation to know when to try it with more probability of success. .
Ovulation tests are very simple to use and their operation is very similar to that of a pregnancy test. This test measures the concentration in urine of the hormone LH (luteinizing hormone), which increases considerably in the days before ovulation and marks the rhythm of the final maturation of the egg.
The interpretation of the test result, however, will depend on the type of test chosen. Digital ovulation tests have a small indicator screen that offers easy reading showing smiley faces or even a period of time.
Analog ovulation tests , on the other hand, have the advantage of being much cheaper due to their simplicity and, although they are somewhat less comfortable than digital ones, they are also easy to interpret and provide a fairly reliable result.
These are the most sought after and recommended ovulation tests by Amazon users to easily locate the most fertile days of the month.

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

The Clearblue
digital ovulation test is one of the most sought after by users. Reliably determines the 2 most fertile days of the month to get pregnant according to the cycle and offers a clear result when it comes to deciphering it. If when inserting the rod with the sample the smiley face does not appear, it means that these are not the best days to conceive and ovulation is not forthcoming. Includes 10 rods and is single use. It has a price of 29.99 euros.
*Price: €29.99
*Price may vary

One Step analog ovulation
test One Step analog
ovulation testsThey offer optimum quality with one of the most competitive prices on the market. Although it does not have the indicator on the screen of the digital tests, its operation is very simple. Its great advantage is that, for a lower price than a digital test, this pack includes 20 ovulation tests and 5 pregnancy tests. You can find it for 11.99 euros.
*Price: €11.99
*Price may vary

Ovulation strips

This pack of 50 ovulation stripsof Cuckool has an accuracy of 99% thanks to its ultrasensitive composition to the luteinizing hormone (LH), which is found in the urine of women and whose concentration increases drastically in the middle of the menstrual cycle, around the days in which ovulation occurs. Its wide format makes it perfect for those couples who have an exhaustive control of their fertile days. For its price, 12.99 euros, it also includes 20 analog pregnancy tests.
*Price: €12.59
*Price may vary

O3 ovulation test

Another of the favorite options of Amazon users is this O3 ovulation test. Not only does it include 20 analog ovulation strips, but they are also accompanied by 5 cups to collect the samples that will help make the process easier for all those who prefer to maintain rigorous hygiene. The composition of the strips is highly sensitive, giving it very good reliability, and its results are very easy to interpret. It is on sale for 11.95 euros.
*Price: €11.95
*Price may vary

HOMIEE analog ovulation test kits

This analog ovulation test kitHomiee brand contains 50 ovulation urine test strips and 20 early detection pregnancy urine test strips. Its measurement has a precision of 99% thanks to its sensitivity and its results are easily interpretable. Does its price
9.99 euros.
*Price: €9.99
*Price may vary

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