MILAN – Each person has their own personality and characteristics, often unique and inimitable, but sometimes similar to other people, existing or invented. Have you ever behaved or felt similar in behavior to the literary character of the book you are reading, or have read in the past
If this has never happened to you, we come to meet you with this test that associates 4 different characters and lifestyles to literary characters , classic and new, which represent them well. You feel more determined or submissive, proud or disorganized.
Find out with this test which female protagonist is most like you.
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  • You’ve seen a nice pair of shoes, but it costs too much. What do you do

    • I await the sales
    • I give up, I prefer to spend that money in another way
    • I ask that someone give them to me
    • I must have them at any cost!
  • You have 10 days off and the opportunity to spend them with one person. Who you choose

    • My partner
    • My best friend
    • It depends, I decide to spend it with the person I want to have closest to at that moment
    • My mom
  • You have the opportunity to do the job you wanted, but you will earn very little, what do you do

    • I try to find a compromise with the possible employer
    • I’m in a panic, I don’t know what to do
    • I accept, but in the meantime you continue the search for something else
    • I accept immediately without reservations
  • Your ex boyfriend is getting married. How do you react

    • I’m happy for him
    • I close a bathroom and burst into tears
    • I am indifferent, “one pope dies, another is made!”
    • I feel bad, and still an open wound
  • A friend seems interested in the guy you were dating. How do you react

    • It bothers me a lot but I don’t show it
    • I totally trust her
    • I get mad at her
    • I don’t worry, I’m sure of myself
  • First date: who pays for dinner

    • His
    • the
    • I propose to do it halfway
    • It is indifferent, I leave it to him as he wants
  • You have to go to a party where you don’t know anyone with a friend, but this one can’t come at the last minute, what do you do

    • I’m looking for a plan B for the evening, otherwise I’ll go there anyway
    • I want to have fun regardless, so I’m going to the party anyway
    • I bombard her with messages to get her to come anyway
    • I go to the party anyway, trying to get acquainted with someone right away
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