La cocinera de Castamar is a novel that fuses historical intrigues in 18th-century Spain with the romantic experiences of its protagonist, a young woman who enters the house of a nobleman and who ends up in front of the stove discovering a prodigious vocation. The 12-episode adaptation of Fernando J. Munez’s work arrives today at Atresplayer Premium, with the first installment of the story starring Michelle Jenner (Isabel, The Cathedral of the Sea). Buendia Studios is in charge of the fiction that will add its episodes in the following Sundays and that will later reach the nights of Antena 3.
The difference in social classes between lovers, revenge and around them the flavors and aromas of the kitchen, are the guiding threads to narrate the romance of the servant Clara Belmonte and Diego, Duke of Castamar, played by Roberto Enriquez, another actor usual in historical and period series such as Hispania (also on Antena 3) or La Senora, for TVE.
The third vertex of this romance is embodied by Hugo Silva, who coincided with Jenner in Paco’s Men and who here is one of Castamar’s military rivals, Enrique de Arcona, Duke of Soto. “Issues happen that are not expected for the time in which it is set,” acknowledges Silva.
The national heritage also appears enhanced in the production for Atresmedia with historic palaces and gardens that are put at the service of the historic setting. “Both the realization and the representation go a little against what we have thought of what the times are like. The series is set in Spain in 1720, but the production, the lighting, and the camera angles are very modern, it is very daring, and for that reason, I think it will surprise and be quite engaging”, Silva assures.
His rivalry with Castamar in all aspects is the focus of the story. The Duke of Soto “is very political, he has many tentacles to move to manipulate everything. He is a very calculating guy, very cold.” Hugo adds: “you would like him if you met him, because he belongs to the court and is polite, but then he has a lot of darkness, he can be very aggressive and fearsome”. he previews the development of his story in this series.

The main characters
The protagonists, Belmonte and the Duke of Castamar, have a dark past that leaves them marked in their lives. She suffers from agoraphobia, feels safe between the palace rooms and cannot mature. He is a soldier who has suffered the unexpected loss of his wife, which is preventing him from serving the king with the professionalism that has characterized him. Around him, intriguing courtiers and interested in bringing down Castamar’s prestige in a shaky Crown.
The novel presents Castamar as one of the most respected noblemen of the Court.and one of the people trusted by His Majesty Felipe V. After envying, he has the added pressure of getting married to bring into the world an heir who will take care of his bulky possessions. Although the class difference condemned her love from the beginning , Clara will be the one who gives the duke back his will to live, a woman from a good family who falls into disgrace.“She is alone and she has to make a living to survive,” says Jenner. “Both protagonists are survivors so, at some point, as the story progresses, they will see the light in each other a little bit,” says Jenner.
“Despite the class difference and the fact that the rest oppose this relationship, both will fight for their feelings and for what they want. They are two quite brave people, because it is not easy to go against what marks your own destiny, your beliefs or your class”, adds Enriquez.

Enrique de Arcona’s love and desire for revenge will not be the only problems that the Duke of Castamar will have to face throughout these twelve episodes. Veteran actress Fiorella Faltoyano reappears in the series ,that she is dona Mercedes, Castamar’s mother and that she is determined that the dukedom have offspring, but according to her criteria. She wants her son to marry the noblewoman Amelia Castro (Maria Hervas), so she is going to put all the means at her disposal to achieve her goal.
“My character’s need to survive in this swarm of manipulation is amazing,” adds Hervas about this vertex added to the relationship. Maxi Iglesias, Silvia Abascal and Paula Usero complete the cast of the fiction directed by Inaki Penafiel and Norberto Lopez Amado.

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