A woman has died and seven people are affected by food poisoning after eating a rice with mushrooms of the morel type in the Valencian luxury restaurant RiFF, which has a Michelin star.
The Ministry of Health has opened an investigation to clarify the causes of death last Sunday of the 46-year-old woman who died after eating a tasting menu that included rice with morels . Her husband and her 12-year-old son also fell ill and, in addition, seven other cases of affected people have been detected but with mild symptoms that evolve favorably.
The owner of the restaurant, Bernd H. Knoller , issued a statement in which he explained that from the first moment he lent all his collaboration with the Ministry of Health to clarify the facts. In the letter, in which he indicates that this Tuesday he had knowledge of what happened through the health authorities of the Generalitat, he affirms that he hopes that ” as soon as possible the causes of what happened can be established.” The restaurant will be closed while the investigation lasts.

But, what is the morel
Is it toxic
Is it edible

The answer is simple: it is edible ., but it must be cooked and not mixed with alcohol. Its scientific name is Morchella and its meat, although quite scarce, is highly prized by Spanish and French chefs.
The morels, also called cagarrias, morels or murgols in different parts of Spain, have a white and wide trunk and hold a curious hat with a spherical, rounded or oval shape, about 6 to 10 centimeters and with a color that goes from yellowish to honey. Its shape resembles a beehive (the Encarnacion de Sevilla mushrooms imitate the morphology of this fungus) and it has galleries similar to those of a wasp nest.
The danger of the morel, like many other mushrooms throughout the geography of the Peninsula, is to eat it raw. It is very toxic because it contains thermolabile hemolysin toxins (TLH) . Fungus toxins break down with heat; however, kitchen experts explain that to be consumed this mushroom must be combined with drying and cooking. Thus, if it is freshly harvested, it has to be dried, and then rehydrated. After this process, you have to cook it for 30 minutes at a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees Celsius.

Be careful with alcohol : this mushroom can cause symptoms of stomach upset in certain people when consumed together with alcohol intake.
What happens if this process is not carried out and it is not cooked well
Well, what has happened to the deceased woman and to those affected: diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, fever, and in more extreme cases it can affect the heart and the nervous system.
Finally, if you are a virgin in the consumption of morel , it is best to consume a small amount to minimize possible allergic reactions.

Conclusion: You can eat it, but be very careful, do you dare with it

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