The supermarket chain Lidl once again surprises its customers with one of the most innovative products on the market, this time within its most technological category. This is the OP One Robot Silverlit that can be programmed to perform various actions in an animated way: from moving its head and hands to carrying objects.
This programmable interactive robot has a size that adapts to any corner of our homes, 11.6 x 20.5 x 11.1 cm, and has LED eyes with a scanning effect as well as flashing light. Also, if you are thinking of getting this product you can do it with a great promotional price. Of course, it is only available in the online mode of the Teutonic brand.

From dancing to transporting objects

The robot has been developed by the well-known benchmark brand Silverlit and is recommended for ages 8 and up.It has voice through the microphone integrated in the controller and has up to 5 sound effects.
Although it works on batteries, this robot can perform different functions that will delight young and old, such as moving in all directions, moving its head and hands, carrying objects and even dancing.Another of the functions available is the automatic recording mode that is integrated, which has a spy mode to be able to transmit in real timeall the sound that is produced around this peculiar device. Your purchase can be made through the Lidl website with a final price of 84.99 euros, its original price being 99.99 euros.
Silverlit is one of the trusted brands of the German supermarket chain. It is characterized by the creation of innovative and safe toys since 1977. However, it is not the only brand that Lidl has and its new robot is not the only toy available in the company’s extensive catalogue.
In fact, the chain already has its own catalog for the Christmas bell,under the slogan ‘The secret of Christmas’. In this way, all the products that make up these sections will be available in the store on the date indicated in the brochure, while the toys can be purchased online from November 9.The latter is quite interesting given that toys purchased online are usually found at great discounts, meaning that they can be purchased for a price much lower than the RRP.
Most of the toys that make up this Christmas catalog are manufactured under the company ‘s own brand, but you can also find other products from well-known brands for all audiences.
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