With summer just around the corner, the color of your face is even more important than in other seasons. While waiting to go to the beach and reach the desired complexion of the skin, you can start preparing yourself, choosing the right diet for the perfect tan.
Alternatively, you can go for makeup. In this case you can use the bronzer , a cosmetic that should never be missing in your personal equipment. As the name itself implies, it is a specific cosmetic to achieve a skin tone with a tanned effect that makes the skin appear luminous and smooth. So let’s see what the bronzer is and how to use it. What is the bronzer and what is it used for
The bronzerand a powder, usually compact, which is part of the same family of earth and blush. If you are wondering if bronzer and bronzer are the same thing, know that, although they have important similarities, they have slightly different characteristics and above all they are used and applied in different ways. Both are powders, unlike the foundation which is liquid, and generally both are compact. However, while the earth has colder and more opaque shades, the bronzer has warmer and shinier shades precisely because it must give the tanned effect.
If you have not yet had the opportunity to go to the pool or the sea but still want to look tanned, perhaps to even out the complexion of the face with that of the arms, which generally tan faster, the bronzeris the right solution for you. However, you will have to pay attention to the shade that best suits your phototype and do not use tones that exceed more than one or two shades that of your face.
The blush, on the other hand, always from the powder family, is used to give a touch of color to and combat any paleness or to contour. For this reason, shades more tending to pink and less to orange, typical instead of bronzer, can be chosen.
How to best apply the bronzer – Source: 123rf How to use the bronzer
Now is the time to use the bronzerand to choose the technique that suits you best. If you have chosen this powder to get a tanned effect, you can use two different methods, the important thing is that you spread it evenly to avoid color spots that could ruin the whole work.

  • Natural effect : in this case you have to emphasize the parts of the face that are naturally more tanned and that, probably, are already more colorful than the others, but without overdoing it. These are the forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose: use a contouring brush, and apply very thin layers, creating shades that aim to achieve a natural effect. Like all powders, you need to apply it with gentle and light touches.
  • Full face application : This is the most frequently used method and probably the easiest to do. It consists of spreading the bronzer on the forehead, cheekbones and cheeks up to the chin. You will need to make precise movements starting from the forehead and first draw an arc around the eye, stretching towards the cheekbone, and then starting from the cheekbone and making another arc along the cheeks to the chin.

How to choose the color for the bronzer
As for the shades of the bronzers , the choice is very wide. Beyond the intensity of the color, which must never exceed the undertone of the skin by one or two shades, you have several possibilities as regards the nuances.
If you have a very light complexion , colors that are too warm may not work: a good solution in this case can be represented by shades that turn to pink, without being too cold. If, on the other hand, you have a medium or dark complexion , you can definitely “warm up” your face, focusing on shades of beige and dark brown with a touch of orange.

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