Moods and positions in the Guardia di Finanza, the Police and the Carabinieri on the Astrazeneca vaccine.
The AIFA has blocked the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine pending the pronouncements of the EMA. The decision came after some cases, which occurred in Germany within days of each other, of deaths in people vaccinated with the Anglo-Swedish vaccine . At the moment, it should be specified, no causal link has been found between the deaths and the administration of the vaccine but the maximum precaution is a must when one of the most extensive mass vaccinations in the history of mankind is at stake. Who gets vaccinated with AstraZeneca
At the moment in Italy 3% of the population has been vaccinated. The AstraZeneca vaccine was administered to theschool staff and law enforcement personnel . The reaction to the suspension of Astra Zeneca
For now we are dealing with thousands of cancellations of the reservations of citizens to whom AstraZeneca was destined, passed from being used in the 18-55 age group to that up to 65 years and finally also for the over 65. What is said among the Carabinieri
The SIM Carabinieri – Italian Carabinieri Military Syndicate – continues to receive a large number of reports that see colleagues affected by very similar side effects (thrombosis, cramps in the lower limbs and general muscle pain …) following the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is what we read in a recent press release from the organization preceding AIFA’s decision two days ago to suspend the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine; a decision similar to that taken in Germany. The financiers ask for health surveillance
Even before the AIFA decision to suspend the administration of the Astrazeneca serumSINAFI, the national union of financiers, had asked its administration to reflect on the continuation of the vaccination campaign among the military, due to the side effects that occurred even several days after the inoculation. “We join the feeling of strong concern, while placing the utmost trust in the health authorities in charge who are working for the protection of public health – reads a union press release -, however we have the moral and legal duty to pay attention to the reports, characterized by from strong concerns, which come in these hours from many of our members and not only “. The financiers complain that they have also been vaccinated with doses belonging to the batchABV5300 , the first place under seizure. “It is necessary to point out, in fact, that from the information shared with us, it appears that doses of immunological serum connected to the suspended batch (and under investigation) have been administered to numerous colleagues in service at different locations in the national territory”. The trade union’s request is to arrange ” health surveillance , for preventive and precautionary purposes, helping to eliminate any potential health risk”. Prison police: many vaccinated have complained of side effects
The policemen of the penitentiary police represented by the Co.SP are also on the same wavelength as the financiers “The Co.SP Trade Union Federation asks for an in-depth analysis, the outcome of which is promptly and fully brought to the attention of all employees of each sector and sector of belonging and their families ”, reads the police communiqué. Most of the vaccinated prison policemen, write the trade unionists of the Co.SP, ” experienced high fever, chills, severe muscle pain immediately after the vaccination .” Even the prison police, therefore, ask to “constantly monitor the health of colleagues who are all already vaccinated with batch ABV2856of Astrazeneca, in order to avoid similar griefs and not to lead the staff to misinterpret the vaccination campaign of FA and law enforcement agencies “. Many infected in prisons
The situation in prisons is particularly delicate. The trade unionists of the Co.SP write again: “As of 11 March 2021 the REPORTER of the DAP gives us a sad number of infected 470 prisoners out of 53,000 inmates while vaccinated would be 1331; in the Penitentiary Police the number is still high 704 infected of which 49 central functions, 711 between managers and administrators, out of a total of 8253 policemen initiated, it is repeated, initiated for vaccination on approximately 35,000 employees, to date only several hundreds are actually vaccinated ” .State Police: no alarmism
The men of the State Police are much more cautious. On the site of the Siulp union , which has 28 thousand members among men in uniform, we read an appeal to prudence and not to give in to easy alarmism. “There was a consensus of about 75% of the State Police operators – writes the Siulp -. With reference, therefore, to the perplexities raised about the effectiveness of the vaccine in question, it is necessary to highlight the extreme importance of the widest possible adherence to vaccination by the staff of the State Police, regardless of the type of vaccine used, which constitutes the weapon. more effective in the fight against Covid-19, which our Administration has determined so farover 7,500 infections and 8 deaths , numbers that would probably have been reduced by 60%, if this vaccine had been available since the beginning of the pandemic “. The Italia Celere union, which gathers the men of the Mobile Department , at the forefront of our streets, is of the same opinion. “ I did it and I would do it again – says Andrea Cecchini , secretary of the Italia Celere police union interviewed by the Messenger -. With my colleagues since the beginning of the emergency we have been called to guarantee safety in the most disparate places, starting from the squares, even those trodden by deniers. I would do the vaccine again as an act of responsibility. But it takes guarantees. It is therefore good that clarity is made on the use of the drug so that no one, much less in the police, runs the risk of feeling like a guinea pig “.

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