Pink cocaine is known by many names, including Nexus , 2CB , Tucibi , Venus , or Eros . It is also known as “the drug of high society” and the reason is its price, since a gram of this striking substance costs no less than 100 euros.
Due to its high price, it is very possible that we will never come across this type of drug, since its consumption is more common among wealthy people; the elite.

Effects of pink cocaine

The formula of this sophisticated substance is based on the composition of the drug LSD with a proportion of MDMA, a combination of psychotropic substances that causes, on the one hand, hallucinogenic effects and, on the other, a feeling of euphoria .
The state of nervousness and excitement is so high that it causes a false sense of control and improvement of capabilities. It is also known that its effects can last between 4 and 8 hours .
One of the reasons why the alarms have gone off is because, it seems, the addiction caused by this drug is greater than that of the commonly known white cocaine and, in the medium term, it can trigger episodes of panic , anxiety attacks , depression ,emotional disturbances and depersonalization .

The favorite drug of its creator

Alexander Shulgin , the famous pharmacist and chemist promoter of a wide variety of psychoactive drugs, is responsible for pink cocaine. Far from feeling bad about it, he came to recognize that this drug was one of his favorites (and precisely his catalog is not small).
Shulgin tested each and every one of the substances he created in his laboratory, which is why he himself declared that this pink drug was not deadly .
We know that most drugs are not imminently fatal, but that their long- term use or even the effects they may have on a person with certainpathologies , yes they are.

Its incidence in Spain

Pink cocaine arrived in the country at the beginning of the century , a moment of (false) economic splendor that would end up leading to the great crisis that is still ravaging society.
With the arrival of this crisis, many of the consumers, who had made gold in the boom times, lost their money, so they found it necessary to abandon such an expensive vice .
However, and although it seemed that the pink drug had disappeared forever, the truth is that during this summer hundreds of grams of this drug were seized in Madrid, Catalonia and the Valencian Community.

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