• Male varicocele: causes, symptoms, consequences and therapy
  • What are the causes of varicocele
  • Most common symptoms
  • Types of male varicocele
  • Possible consequences and therapy

Male varicocele : causes, symptoms, consequences and therapy
varicocele is a disease that
affects the testicle

and manifests itself with dilation
and incontinence of the spermatic veins

whose function is to drain blood from the testicle. Blood stasis can cause
structural and metabolic
in the testes ,
including the abnormal growth
of spermatozoa
An examination under the microscope is enough to notice their
morphological alteration which affects the motility, which causes
fertility problems in the patient.Male varicocele affects between 15 and 20% of
male population,
can occur in pre-adolescent age even if it generally
occurs between 11 and 16 years
Both testicles may also be affected, although in
95% of cases it was found that the main affected is the
left testicle. What are the causes of varicocele
are no studies that attest to the risk factors of the disease, which
however seems more frequent in tall and
overweight subjects. There are
two theories about the possible causes of
varicocele :

  • Idiopathic
    with no apparent cause and is common
    in adolescents and young adults
    The pathology would be a consequence of the congenital weakness of the veins
    and also of a malfunction
    of the valves

    that are found in the wall of the venous vessels of the testicle that
    favor the return of blood to the heart muscle. This
    condition would result in blood stagnation which changes the anatomy
    of the blood vessels.
  • Secondary

    affects men
    over 40
    According to this thesis, the cause of the pathology is a blockage
    of blood flow at the height of the abdominal vessels

    that are located after the testicular veins. The obstruction
    would cause stagnation and consequent dilation of the vessels.
    The blockage could be caused for example by tumor masses.

Most common symptoms
varicocele is asymptomatic ,
only possible manifestations
are pain or swelling

in the testicle. For this reason , many
men are unaware that they are affected

by this pathology. Furthermore, affected patients may
have reduced testosterone and LH values ​​and altered
progesterone and follitropin values.
can occur after intense physical activity or after
standing for a long time. Types of male varicocele
a specialist e
A physical examination is sufficient to diagnose a
varicocele , which
can be:

  • Subclinical ,
    identifiable only by means of diagnostic tools.

  • First degree
    , assessable
    with the Valsalva maneuver which highlights an increase in
    abdominal pressure.

  • Second degree in

    which palpation is identified a dilation of the
    testicular vessels.

  • Third degree
    in which the dilation of
    the testicular vessels is visible to the naked eye.

Possible consequences and therapy Possible consequences are testicular atrophy, a reduction in the volume of the testicle and male infertility. When there is an alteration of the spermiogram or testicular pain it is necessary to perform surgery . Male varicocele
can be performed with different surgical methods and is considered a routine operation that is performed under local anesthesia and lasts an average of 45 minutes.

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