Hand lettering is a hobby that has become very popular in recent years, thanks to the success achieved on social networks, especially on instagram. It is not the technique of “calligraphy” where you use the baselines to write well and form words, with hand lettering each letter is carefully thought out to work in context. The artists, in fact, begin by creating a complete alphabet. You want to learn the technique of hand lettering
. Very well, you are reading the right article! You will find out what it is and how to get started, using a few simple materials. Hand lettering: what is
it ? Lettering is an art in which each drawn letter is transformed into a mini illustration, with “hand lettering” we refer to the art of drawing them by hand and not with digital graphics programs such as Illustrator. In hand lettering, the letters are first drawn or sketched with a pencil, then outlined with pens and markers. Unlike calligraphy, for hand lettering you don’t need a specific tool, then use whatever writing tool you have at your disposal. The concept is based on the rules used in typography, where the letters are organized in a clear, legible and visibly attractive way, resulting in the creation of original fonts. Hand lettering for beginners: how to get started
For those wishing to discover this art and to start getting an idea, there are numerous profiles to follow on Instagram. The #handlettering tag has more than 12 million posts, including photos and videos with tutorials dedicated to both beginners and experts. One of the things that characterize hand lettering is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, basically and hand-drawn! What you will need to try your hand at this art of writing:

  • Ruler : to create grids, draw lines and make letters of the right size
  • Paper : you can choose between normal white sheets or if, you are just starting out, opt for graph paper which will make the procedure easier, respecting the right distances and spaces
  • To practice, equip yourself with transparent paper and trace already available hand lettering alphabets. You also find them made into books. When you are more experienced you will be able to draw on cardboard to create lovely little squares for framing
  • Pencil to create the base, mechanical or lead, which you will then erase after having gone over it with a pen, a fountain pen or a fine-tipped felt-tip pen. The size of the tips will depend on the font you created and the effect you want to achieve. The small tips allow you to create details, such as curls, thicker tips to fill the letters with black ink

Now that you have everything to start you can practice cursive , it will be easier for you to draw by hand later. Proceed by designing your alphabet, you can be inspired by those you find on the net or by a font you particularly love , experiment in total freedom. Decide on your measurements by tracing them with a ruler or using graph paper. Trace the first letters with a pencil , you can experiment by creating them with simple curves, to then move on to more complex and particular shapes. Try to keep a similar shape and spacer evenly, this will help you to always draw neatly.
Take a word or letter that you like and depict it following your creativity,the important thing is to practice. When you are done outline and color all the letters with the pen or marker, let it dry and erase the pencil. You can then decide whether to leave your work on paper or scan the letters and have fun editing them with Photoshop . Hand lettering does not require special skills, just a lot of constant practice, so practice whenever you can. What you can do with hand lettering
The things you can do and create with hand lettering are endless, below we will give you some ideas:

  • Small squares to decorate your home with a chic touch
  • Place cards for dinners
  • Billboard, place cards and guest book for weddings
  • Personalized wrapping paper and envelopes
  • DIY pillow with lettering
  • Decorations for Easter eggs
  • Notebooks with decorated cover
  • Personalized letterhead
  • Decorate plates, vases and cups with letters and writings
  • Loom embroidery with phrases and flowers

Who imagined that many things could be done with hand lettering ! Get everything you need and have fun expressing your creativity to the max.

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