The intervention of Michele M. Seeler
Perhaps only the most attentive and sensitive observers have noticed a series of conflicts that have emerged within the world of the so-called Catholic traditionalists in recent months. What’s Happening
The Christian world has become well accustomed to the separations and ruptures of religious unity since the birth of Christianity. Since then we can count as many as 12 of separations, schisms and “ruptures”. The 13th will be the one within the traditionalists in the 21st century
In the second half of the 19th century, in the midst of the Risorgimento, with Pius IX as reigning Pope, the separation between modernist and traditionalist Catholics began to emerge, which led the Pope to even write a magisterium document against modernism.
This “dialectic” continued for another 50 years until the pontificate of Pope Pius X, who was forced to tackle the problem with another magisterium document (Notre Charge Apostolique, 1910) in which he indicated the traditionalists as true friends of the people. After the Second Vatican Council, an apparently irreversible rupture between traditionalist and progressive Catholics finally took place. But the phenomenon we are witnessing today is even more complex and disturbing. Today it seems that a break is taking place within the world of traditionalists.
This is what makes this break curious, and that it is not taking place on doctrinal issues of a “strict sense”. It is not happening, for example, on the liturgy of the Mass “vetus ordo” towards “novus ordo”, or on the communion given in the hand or in the mouth, or on the meaning of obedience to the Pope and on the doctrinal evaluations of his Magisterium. No . The break is taking place on the moral legitimacy of the anti Covid vaccines and on the intentions of their use. On the one hand, Catholic fundamentalist theologians and intellectuals justify vaccines by warning of scientism and inviting us to distinguish between reasons of sanitary precaution and those of objective moral law. On the other hand, other equally fundamentalist theologians and intellectuals condemn them since some of these vaccines use cell lines from aborted fetuses (35 and 48 years ago) and with the justified suspicion that the use of these vaccines provokes the temptation to repeat their use. . To this consideration are added, however, less justified suspicions about plots to carry out genetic modifications to vaccinated people, and more …
These considerations, which should be discussed in a scientific-moral public debate, have instead been a source of heated conflict and have fomented excessive behavior within the traditionalists. On the one hand, those who are convinced of the also moral legitimacy of the vaccine consider those who do not want to be vaccinated dangerous for infection and invite them to do so for the common good. On the other hand, those convinced of the moral and scientific illegitimacy of the vaccine accuse the other vaccinated of being dangerous for contagion, precisely because they are vaccinated. But not only that, even for suspicion of heresy for being vaccinated. Curiously, today the greatest break between the traditionalists is on the vaccination plot and it seems they are less concerned at this moment with defending the “depositum fidei” according to divine tradition, apostolic and ecclesial. Thanks to Covid, a new rupture is being caused, the 13th, for facts that are not clearly doctrinal, morally and scientifically controversial and with excessive use of conspiracy imagination.
And whoever sees the traditionalists as smoke and mirrors, enjoys it.
They thought about it

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