Having proportionate, defined and healthy-looking eyebrows is now a real craze, which fortunately is no longer reserved for Hollywood stars. It is in fact possible thanks to different aesthetic techniques within everyone’s reach to always show off perfect eyebrows. Today, one of the most requested is microshading , also called Powder Brows or “shadow effect”, an eyebrow tattoo, similar to microblading, but more delicate and more natural. Find out what it is. Difference between microblading and microshading for eyebrows
Both microblading and microshadingthey fall into the category of semi-permanent make-up and are dermopigmentation interventions that are carried out in a personalized way based on individual needs and the physiognomy of the face. Both are used to give greater definition and filling to sparse or absent eyebrows due to bad epilation, natural thinning, or problems such as alopecia, etc.
What are the differences
? While in microblading single strokes are made manually that simulate the effect of the natural hairs, in the microshading , are tattooed, with the help of a machine of the small dots, exploiting the shadow of the existing hair, obtaining a more nuanced effectwhich makes the eyebrow fuller and more natural. Compared to microblading, with the Powder Brows it is possible to give a more realistic depth effect What is microshading What is microshading
It is a delicate technique, born in the United States and which is becoming increasingly popular. Almost completely painless, and particularly suitable for combination and oily skin, or for people with particularly sensitive skin, since the skin undergoes less stress, redness generally does not occur and healing times are minimal, about a week.
The treatment is carried out in a simple session and one month later, when the color has taken its final tone, a retouching session is carried out. With this aesthetic technique it is possible to obtain amore precise and longer lasting effect than microblading; the small dots made in the eyebrow area are used to insert the latest generation of liquid synthetic pigments, which maintain their color over time and which are gradually reabsorbed by the body. Duration of the microshading
As mentioned, the color is reabsorbed over time, without however varying or graying and the duration depends on the type of skin and the tone that is used. Generally the effect has a variable duration between one and three years; but if you like the design, our advice is to make annual touch -ups so that your eyebrows are always perfectly defined. Cost of microshading
You are tired of wasting precious minutes every morning with pencil and makeup for your eyebrows
You think that microshading is the perfect solution but you have no idea how much it can cost you
The microshading treatment has a cost that can vary a lot depending on the center you are at you decide to contact, but generally the price ranges from € 400 to € 800 and always includes the first session of execution and the second retouching session.

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