Since vaccination began in December 2020, almost 40 million people in Spain have been inoculated with the complete schedule, which is equivalent to 80.5% of the total population . However, this seems to have no end and, while the little ones are receiving the first dose of the vaccine, the third dose is beginning to generate queues at the vaccination points.
With the percentage of infected so high that omicron is causing, it is not surprising that many people who have contracted the disease are on the verge of vaccination. In addition, due to the mildness of the symptoms of this new variant, and even the absence of symptoms, there is widespread concernbeing infected and not knowing it .
Experts insist on the idea that getting vaccinated despite being infected (and not knowing it because you don’t show symptoms) would imply absolutely nothing either in the efficacy of the vaccine or in the body’s reaction to the virus.
Obviously, the experts have declared that the ideal is not to be vaccinated while you are infected, but if you do, at most it could happen that the symptoms of the vaccine are exacerbated , that is, that there is a slight fever, greater headache, or some symptomatology related to the disease, but always mildly.

What do I do if I have to get vaccinated and I have covid
A different situation would occur if the person is infected and knows it because they have symptoms and a positive test. In that case, the person must wait to get over the disease to make an appointment for the vaccine again.
The times between vaccines have recently been reduced and, although before you had to wait an average of six months between the second and third doses, it has been reported that those people who have been infected in this wave and have to receive the third, They will only have to wait between four and six weeks to request an appointment .
However, some scientists are not entirely in agreement with the decision made by the Ministry of Health. An example of this is Marcos L√≥pez Hoyos, president of the Spanish Society of Immunology , who declared in an interview published by the newspaper El Pais that “From the immunological point of view it makes no sense “, adding that it is possible that it could generate some type of problem in the immune system as there is such a short period between the infection and the new injection.
When in doubt, it is best to go to a health center or contact the authorities provided for the pandemic and make a personal consultation .

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