A name, a voice, but also a look, which Amici’s followers cannot fail to remember. We are talking about Thomas Bocchimpani , the talent who at only sixteen enchanted judges and audiences of the show led by Maria De Filippi , conquering the evening and making masses of adoring girls fall in love.
On the other hand, the singer from Bassano del Grappa had all the credentials to become a teen idol of our house: young and easy-going, amazing voice, charisma on stage, languid gaze and that extra weapon: a heartthrob tuft that covered , and a little exalted, those dark eyes. A mix that could only reach the hearts of many young viewers.
A few years have passed and Thomas is not lost along the way as happened to many of Amici’s competitors, quite the contrary. He continues to live on music and to constantly cultivate his talent, experimenting and establishing collaborations with established names in the musical world, the last one and Gabry Ponte, who chose him to produce a song together.
That the boy had what it took was clear from his first appearances on TV. From his debut little more than a child in the Rai1 talent for very young Io Canto , to the popularity of Amici16, up to becoming the youngest singer ever to have won the Gold Record , with his EP, Today more than ever, which in just two weeks from its release managed to sell over 25,000 copies, his was a triumphal journey. A career that hasn’t stopped at all.
His voice, his determination, his talent, and his look: everything contributed to bringing out Thomas, of whom, in these days, we have returned to talk not only for his successes as an artist. The many fans of the young musician were surprised to say the least by the post that Bocchimpani published on Instagram recently.
With a nice cheeky smile Thomas introduces his new hair. Exulting, he announces:
He grows up, changes and remains himself ALIVE LIFE !!
The young talent shows himself as we never imagined seeing him: face completely uncovered, no more flowing tuft from a beautiful mysterious, replaced by beautiful afro braids gathered behind. A real revolution for Thomas and for his fans, who were so devoted to that rebellious and iconic tuft that they even dedicated a fanpage to him on Instagram.
The singer has shown great courage to change his look, and links this aesthetic change to his personal and professional growth. That the change of image is just an advance for other, more important, news
But the word now goes to the fans. How they took this radical change of their idol
Just scroll through the comments on the post of the Thomasian revolution, to find out and realize that the reactions are varied, but all full of amazement. There are those who take it with irony and comment: “Today is the day of the tuft death, rest in peace, always in our hearts” or, more briefly: “Rip tuft.”
Friend Emma Muscat fully supports and writes: “Love it! They fit you like a glove!” Other comments do not hide the surprise and showing a certain disappointment which, however, ends with jokes.
In short, for the Thomasers the change of look was a small trauma, but Thomas certainly does not risk the Samson effect, he will not lose his attraction for having thinning his hair, and his fans will certainly not abandon their idol in full personal and artistic growth just for this. And he who knows that someone has not already thought of opening a whole new fanpage of which we can already see the name: The Braids of Thomas!
Thomas Bocchimpani surprises with the new look. Source: Instagram

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