Marina Suma is not just a taste of the sea. Even if the general public remembers her like this, like the beautiful and very young Marina Pinardi in love with Luca Carraro (Jerry Cala) in the Versilia of the Sixties. Sicilian pope and Neapolitan mother, born in Naples on November 4, 1959, Marina Suma at the age of 59 continues to be an actress, especially in the theater. Not only that: for many years now she has been unleashing her creativity by giving life to Leni brand papier-mâché jewels (you can see them here). You can meet her in the summer, on the seafront of Salina (in the Aeolian Islands) with her cheerful and colorful stall. And it is in Salina that she lives for long periods of the year.
When asked to the microphone of “I Lunatici” broadcast on Rai Radio2 (February 2019), she said: “I am grateful to the Vanzinas , who wanted me very much for that film. But it makes me angry that everyone just talks to me about that movie. But I have done many other things. In different dramatic, brilliant roles. Then I did theater, television. But I understand that that was a beautiful, choral film, with very good actors, so it is clear that it remained very impressed in everyone’s mind. I’m also happy, for heaven’s sake. Pero Marina Suma is not just a taste of the sea ».
Guest of Caterina Balivo at Come to Me (November 2018) where she finally revealed what happened between her and Jerry Cala, her partner in several films and made it clear once and for all that: «I’ve never had an affair with him. There was the classic courtship, nothing special ».
Marina Suma and the papier-mâché jewels she created herself
It is told with an open heart in an interview with Vanity Fair (January 2018), confessing that she would like a good role in a fiction or in the cinema. But she doesn’t regret anything about the past, and even if no one likes the passing of time, “In some ways I prefer myself today compared to when I was twenty .”
Marina Suma was 21 years old when you made your big screen debut with Salvatore Piscitelli’s The Occasions of Rosa, in the role of a worker forced into prostitution. An interpretation that earned her none other than Donatello’s David and a Nastro d’Argento. You follow the great success of Sapore di Mare but also Hearts in the storm with Carlo Verdone and Sing Sing with Adriano Celentano. She also played Manuela Secoli in the soap Un posto al sole.
At 58, Marina Suma shows an enviable physique
And to think that while she was a model, Suma dreamed of being a stewardess , and was ready to embark on the Alitalia fleetwhen I get the first proposal for the cinema. And this a little bit and her regret, because she loves traveling a lot and that job would take her around the world.
She was beautiful Marina Suma , and still is. “Indecent proposals” she has received but she has not yielded. “I could, for example, go to Rai, but I didn’t,” she reveals.
Today she has a partner at her side, for 15 years. She did not have children of hers, even if she tried until she was 43, deciding to undertake heterologous fertilization. But precisely in 2004 the law 40 outlawed it in Italy, and Suma had to desist: «I did everything and more, but then I gave up. But that’s okay, you live in serenity even without children ».

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