Dreaming of waves can mean that you will travel somewhere or that you will have to go somewhere unexpected.
This could likely happen in the short term, without warning or indication.
Such a sudden need to travel would probably increase your already greater worries or anxieties as your departure somewhere without planning could create nervousness.
Below you can read a more detailed interpretation for each dream. Dreaming of big waves
Dreams of waves, especially big waves, could arouse different emotions of the dreamers. Such dreams may seem fascinating, magnificent and beautiful, but they can also be frightening.
It all depends on your dream impression, your current life situation and the connection between these two.
Big and powerful waves are another destructive natural phenomenon, so it’s no wonder they are a common metaphor for the strong emotions we feel in reality.
It usually reflects those emotions that we are afraid of showing in waking life or that we are not aware of.
On the other hand, big wave dreams could reflect the situation in our own lives. Furthermore, wave dreams can even be prophetic.
If you have a good intuition or master the art of dream interpretation, you may even recognize quite strong signs in such dreams.
Big wave dreams, of course, vary. You may be dreaming of swimming in large waves without pain or difficulty, you may be dreaming of drowning in large waves or that the waves destroy things.
There are also dreams in which nothing really happens, but you just see great waters and great waves.
You could also dream of hearing the sound of big waves crashing on the banks, but you don’t see the water or the shore.
There are numerous variations, each of which is special for every dreamer.
In most cases, the waves in the dream represent either the emotions of the dreamer or a situation that stimulates certain strong emotions in the dream. To dream of the waves of clear water
If you have dreamed of seeing waves of crystal clear water, it is considered a manifestation of your growth in an ethical or philosophical sense.
It represents your dissemination of knowledge about different aspects of the world around you, be it cultural understanding, religious tolerance, ideological change, etc.
The more you learn and know, the happier and more satisfied you will become. Dreaming of listening to the sound of the waves
If you dream of hearing the sound of the waves, but you do not see the waves, it is usually a positive sign, especially if the sound seems calming and relaxing.
For some people, even the sound of strong waves can seem relaxing and cause a pleasant sensation.
In general, dreams of hearing the sound of the waves mean that you are satisfied with your life.
You know that there are many aspects of life and you are able to distinguish them by importance.
The sound of the waves can symbolize situations that you are aware of are partly shaping your life, but you are still in control over them.
The sound of the waves can also represent things that you have consciously or instinctively strayed from.
You are satisfied with it, because you have realized that there are things that you cannot influence or change and you have accepted them as they are, without further analysis.
Listening to the waves in your dreams reflects those things and makes you feel good about yourself. Such dreams are usually calming.Dreaming of dirty water waves
If you have dreamed of seeing dirty water waves, it means that you could soon make a mistake with far-reaching consequences.
Despite whether you have simply missed some important information or made a mistake with some news, this view predicts that you will have to suffer the results of this error for a very long time, perhaps even years.
You can mitigate some of the damage by correcting the error right away, but in the long run it can only have limited effects. Dreaming of seeing big waves
If you dream of seeing big waves, usually the dream is a forecast of your meeting with another person and, of course, of her emotions.
If the waves are relatively stable and calm, even if they are large, it means that you will have a pleasant experience with that person or that you will be impressed.
It can also mean that you are unconsciously allowing someone to reach out to you and get close to you.
If you stay dry, it means that you are careful, but ready to open up to someone or to receive directions and advice from another person.
If the waves you see are “angry” and seem threatening, you will soon find yourself in front of someone or something that you do not like at all.
Maybe you are trying to avoid conflict and arguing with someone, or you are actually skipping your homework.
Big wave dreams also remind you that you can’t avoid the important things forever. You may be aware of this in reality, but you are still trying to avoid the situation.
If you are wet from the waves, it means that you will surely have to face the consequences of your decisions and actions. Dreaming of swimming in the waves
If you have a dream in which you are in restless waters and the waves begin, it can mean that you finally let go of fear and indulge in the waves of your destiny, even if it took you a long time to realize that life it’s not all about control and forecasting.
Life is like a river, sea or ocean, in motion, an eternal flow, with its turbulent and peaceful phases.
If you are feeling particularly calm and enjoy swimming without difficulty, this is definitely a positive sign.
This means that your new, more relaxed attitude will eventually lead to new horizons and opportunities.
However, if you are fighting the waves, you are fighting for survival, this is not a good sign.
It is a reflection of the struggle you are experiencing in your life. You have accumulated problems and complicated your life and now you feel completely lost, disoriented and confused.
In reality, you feel hopeless, so you dream of losing hope of survival.
The big waves you are fighting against are a metaphor for your real life problems.
If you cannot cope with the waves or end up in a safe place, it means that you will surely lose control over a certain aspect of your life that actually annoys you the most.
If you manage to survive on your own or someone else saves you, such a dream could mean that you actually need to seek help.
You may need to realize that you have enough resources to resolve the situation yourself, or it should be a good idea to ask someone for advice. Dreaming of sailing on the waves
If you have dreamed of sailing on the waves, it could be a very stimulating dream.
This dream means that you are facing or will face situations, circumstances and environments that are completely new to you.
You are in the phase of exploring your personality and life in general, you are anxious to know what is “around the corner” and in which direction you should move in your life.
The waves can be calm or turbulent, reflecting your level of personal insecurity about new experiences.
If the waves are restless, it means that you are ready to try new things, but you are a little worried about the consequences, the calmer the waves, the safer you are. Dreaming of waves on the river
It is believed that the waves of the river in the dream world symbolically represent the outflow of money in reality.
In fact, you may have to pay for something unexpected, like a car repair, a new set of clothes, or extra food.
If you don’t have the money ready for the necessary thing or service you absolutely need, it could cause headaches or discomfort.
It would be better to set aside as much as possible for just in case. Dreaming of swimming in warm waves
Swimming in warm and gentle waves is often interpreted in a dream as a positive symbol. It represents a transitory time marked by stability and general peace.
This means that you are likely not going to experience anything disturbing or emotionally disturbing.
You could rest comfortably at night and feel safe in your position in the world.
You may also have the opportunity to grow through higher education or talent development due to the lack of conflict during this time. Dreaming of watching the waves hitting the shore
If you have dreamed of seeing the waves hitting the shore, it refers to your path to enlightenment, understanding and dexterity.
In a sense, the waves represent any work or activity that gives you knowledge and experience, just like the way the waves wash away the shore.
If the waves were dark, cloudy or otherwise dirty, it is possible that you will make many mistakes along the way.
However, clear, clean waves mean that most of these events would be enjoyable, and you might get moderate success relatively soon. Dreaming of watching the waves from above
Watching the waves from a height, for example from a cliff overlooking the ocean or from an airplane or helicopter, is often interpreted as a sign that your future will be relatively stable.
You will likely have a schedule that you will follow on a day-to-day basis and enjoy hanging out with faithful and constant friends.
You will also have free mental energy to think carefully about the wisdom and advice of your acquaintances, be they relatives, friends or celebrities. Dreaming of the waves that engulf you
If you have dreamed that you have been completely engulfed by a large wave, such as when you are swimming in water, this dream predicts an accident.
You may soon experience a series of horrific events that would test your patience.
This is especially true if the water was dirty or cloudy. To improve this situation, you may need to think carefully about how you treat others.
As you improve your communication skills and are more understanding of others’ feelings and circumstances, you will find that others are better suited to your situation.

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