Whether seen in the night sky or not, the moon often visits our dreams. What does it mean to dream of the moon
What secrets it hides or reveals to us
Dreams on the moon are dreams on the hidden side of our personality, since it is the symbolism of the moon as seen in astrology and other spiritual interpretations.
The moon in dreams, among other things, represents someone’s feminine, sensitive, emotional, dreamy and romantic side. Of course, the meaning of a dream depends on the details.
Since the Moon is also associated with variability, instability and flexibility, as it is associated with the element of Water, the Moon in dreams also represents your turbulent nature, mood swings and probably your insecurity, restlessness, inability to concentrate.
It also supports instability with regards to your emotional side.
The moon rules the sign of Cancer and is closely related to the water elements of Pisces and Scorpio, they are all extremely emotional. Dream about the full moon
The full moon has always been a popular motif in mythology, popular beliefs, art, literature, cinema, etc. It always has a mystical connotation.
For example, the full moon is associated with mythical creatures of the night, which change shape, witches and werewolves.
It gives it a slightly “dark” tone, but not necessarily; it depends on how you understand these stories and myths.
It could represent your inner self wanting to come out, but for some reason you find it hard to put it into reality.
On the other hand, a beautiful and bright full moon, white or yellow, means something that is complete, achieved, accomplished, something surrounded.
In dreams, this may reflect your satisfaction with what has been achieved so far, especially in terms of personal desires.
You feel completely on a spiritual level; you found yourself in a spiritual sense. A full moon means you are satisfied, even though the real moon can affect your sleep pattern. Dreaming of a crescent moon
For some people, the crescent moon is the most beautiful shape of the moon that you can see; it undoubtedly looks magical.
If it appears in your dreams, it represents adjustments, changes that follow a cyclical pattern.
This dream means that you live according to your natural life cycles; every person has his own, except universal natural laws.
This is a good dream; indicates a smooth and gradual adaptation, the ability to understand the world and adapt, but in your own unique style. Dreaming of a lunar eclipse
Dreams of a lunar eclipse can be interpreted in different ways.
Since the moon primarily represents femininity, the eclipse dream often indicates that your feminine side, kind and caring, is in the shadows due to something else.
This can be a consequence of your actions or the work of others. You may have allowed your firmer side to dominate because your life circumstances require you to be rude.
This dream also suggests that something has brought a shadow, something that does not allow you to shine.
It could be associated with both the sun and the moon, because the sun is what actually gives the moon its shine.
Perhaps there is an obstacle in your waking life that prevents you from finding your light source, you cannot find an ideal, a role model, a goal, an inspiration or anything else.
Something closes your eyes so that you cannot see the light and splendor of yourself. Dream of touching the moon
This is a rare and strange dream and it could take many forms. You may dream of touching the moon by simply spreading your arms to the moon in the sky and magically touching it.
You may be dreaming of being in the sky, up there, and touching the moon. Regardless of the exact scenario, touching the moon in dreams is associated with wishes and, perhaps, ambitions.
This is sometimes understood as having very high ambitions and expectations of oneself, although these concepts are usually related to the Sun principle.
Dreams of touching the moon may be more related to your emotional desires, fantasies, ideals and dreams.
You want something so badly and it definitely gives you great motivation, even if it might bother you. With the Moon, everything often remains in the realm of the abstract, the imaginary, the dreamed of Dreaming of seeing two moons
This is a strange and rare dream. Dreaming of seeing two moons in the sky suggests that you have more than one large and exciting source of inspiration and desire.
These things may or may not be related to each other, so you feel divided between them.
This is a dream that can appear with artistic, versatile, visionary, restless and always miraculous minds.
However, it also means that you are well on your way to finding direction in your life.
This dream is like having a double vision; you see different sides of the same thing that inspire you a lot.
You may still have no idea where to proceed, as they look attractive and even seductive. Let the time decide.
By the way, there is the term “walking to the moon”, which figuratively means that some time should be taken to think about the current situation. Dreaming of the sun and the moon
Dreams in which you see both the sun and the moon are strong and meaningful dreams. Depending on the current situation, the meanings differ.
This dream indicates that your conscious and subconscious sides are in balance.
Your mind adapts perfectly to your emotional self; you trust both your intellect and analytical mind, as well as your feelings and intuition.
This is a dream that represents a supreme inner balance, difficult to achieve.
The dream suggests that you are well on your way to achieving inner balance and maintaining it until the next cycle of change.
On the other hand, especially if you have felt nervous about the dream and had some hidden mischievous tone, as if the sun and the moon are somehow opposite, in conflict, the dream means that you are fighting from within.
Your mind is fighting your feelings, your mind cannot control your emotional side and you feel a thorn in the side of the two.
Since the Sun is what provides light to the moon, but the Moon itself reflects the light in a mysterious way and brings it back through the imagination and with more subtle energy, the dream suggests seeking balance.
Your reason should be a controlling force, but only to some extent. Finding a balance between your solar and lunar energy is not a task, it is a skill of life itself. Dreaming of the moon and the stars
Dreams in which the moon follows many stars are wonderful dreams that speak about your subtle, imaginative, dreamy side.
Those beautiful sparks never darken the moon’s glow, but make it more and more beautiful.
In dreams, their glow is accompanied by the light of the moon, which means that the imaginative, romantic and intuitive side provides you with great support.
You must be an incredibly creative and imaginative person, able to find inspiration in everything in life Dreaming of destroying the moon
If you dream that the moon has exploded or been hit by a huge asteroid or destroyed in any other way, these are dreams that usually reflect a great disappointment in your own ideals.
The veil of your imagination is gone; you are cruelly exposed to the reality of life. The destruction of the moon in dreams is an allegory of the destruction of one’s dreams and visions. Dreaming of a fading
moon The faded moon is the opposite of a full moon. This dream symbolizes that there is something diminishing. The dream is also associated with family problems, separation from friends or love relationships.
But don’t give up! It is necessary to be aware of this problem and find a solution as soon as possible Dreaming of the reflection of the moon in the water
Dreaming of seeing the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water symbolizes shattered hopes and missed expectations.
You may soon experience the most painful upheavals in your life that no one else has brought you besides the people you expected to help you change your life for the better.
This dream vision is a warning that the person in question could betray you for the personal interests of her, and it does not matter if you are related or both members of a religion or organization that, in principle, values ​​loyalty and brotherhood the most. Dreaming of flying to the moon
Dreaming of flying to the moon is a sign that space travel or space odyssey will become a common human undertaking and will happen even before previously thought.
As a series of technological advancements that only began in the last century and are steadily advancing throughout life, you will be amazed to learn that humans could soon travel into space aboard those elegant alien ships or UFOs you’ve only seen in movies.
People may soon have the opportunity to visit nearby planets and take breaks with distant stars on their journey to other worlds to explore whether life is possible on those other planets as well. Dreaming of living on the moon
If you dream of living on the moon, this dream reminds you that you are not aware of the needs of your loved ones. You often ignore the people you love the most. You forget that you cannot forget them.
This dream means that you need to go back and focus on the people who need you. Dream about moonlight.If
you clearly see the moonlight in a dream, it means reconciliation. You will find peace and you will have to clear up everything that has been delayed in your relationship.
The bright moon shows that even when everything seems dark, there are still lights at the end of the tunnel. You need to trust yourself and look for someone you can trust Dreaming of the moon in the clouds
If you see the moon hidden behind the clouds, this dream means that problems will arise that will prevent a solution.
When faced with a problem, you don’t have to give up and you have to remember that it is temporary. You have to believe that you are able to overcome obstacles. Dreaming of the moon falling from the sky
Seeing the moon falling from the sky in a dream is like the proverbial shooting star, which could mean the fulfillment of a wish.
An upcoming apparition or event could brighten your life, bring you wealth, and give you the hope of continuing to strive for your aspirations and goals even if some people think it may be too late. Dreaming of a white moon
If you are a young woman or a widow, dreaming of looking at the white moon means marriage.
Someone may soon come into your life at the right time and lead you to believe that you may have a bright future together.
Also, for some women, this view indicates the birth of a female.
For singles, this could mean finding true love and almost getting married, while for men already married it is a sign of expanding the family in the form of a male child. Dreaming of some crescents and a full moon
Some crescents accompanied by a full moon in a dream represent a series of successes and obstacles that lead to the definitive fulfillment of one of your greatest wishes.
In many cases, it refers to something outside the home, such as a romantic relationship or a business venture.
For example, you may have previously failed to start a blog or YouTube channel.
While these initial forays into social media may have gotten you nowhere, the lessons you learned have prepared you for success in a related or similar field. Dreaming of an unnaturally large moon
Dreaming of looking at an unusually large moon suggests the possibility that a romantic relationship “squeaks” or that the whole family will be involved in a bad fight.
The root of your love problem may have to do with irreconcilable differences.
When it comes to things around the house, there may be difficulties in maintaining the lifestyle that both you and your family are used to leading, due to recent failures in your career or job that have seriously jeopardized your earnings.
Because of this, each family member blames the other for causing misery for the whole family, and things could get even worse. Dream about talking to the moon (for women)
If you are a young woman who dreams of talking to the moon, as if asking the moon to predict the future or something, that is a favorable sign that indicates a fateful meeting with a man which could be the “right” one.
Hopefully after this meeting, it could lead to a more serious relationship and culminate in a marriage that would last a lifetime. Dreaming of the moon in the fog
Dreaming of observing the moon in the fog is an unconscious reflection of the same behavior in real life. Uncertain and cheap thrills can easily cloud your sense of common sense.
You tend to relax and indulge in situations that bring you immense satisfaction, whether your actions challenge your moral standards or not.
While it is your right to express yourself and do whatever you want to be happy, freedom involves a certain degree of responsibility that you should always be aware of as long as you are a part of society.Dreaming of the moon with dark spots
Dreaming of observing the moon with dark spots indicates the gloomy possibility of a catastrophic event that could cause enormous damage to a large part of the planet, if not completely destroy and erase all living and non-living beings who inhabit it.
Massive destruction could be caused by a meteorite or comet crashing to earth, destroying everything in its path and causing the inevitable extinction of life as we know it. Dreaming of the moonlight
Dreaming of being illuminated by the moonlight means taking an unexpected trip or a short absence.
It could be an unexpected short getaway with family and friends who made up their minds quickly.
It could also be a business meeting or conference held outside the city you live in, due to a colleague or business partner who pulled out at the last minute and asked you to go.
Despite the suddenness of the situation, it will turn out that this trip is one of the best experiences you and your mates could ever have. Dreaming that the moon is falling
apart.Dreaming of a moon falling apart like shards of glass, is a warning of the arrival of a new religion whose principles are contrary to yours and rejects the name and existence of God as you know it since time immemorial.
Your reaction to your sudden awareness of such a religion would be shock and disgust.
If one’s spiritual beliefs are to be believed, the fact that people require what you would call a blasphemous and wicked faith would be reason enough for God to release His wrath by making people suffer through wars, disasters, famines and the like in nature to to teach lessons to humanity and to bring humanity back under its wing. Dreaming of an evil moon
Dreaming of a scene where you see an evil looking moon that makes your hair stand on end, like the scene of a silhouette of a wolf howling at the full moon, such a dream scene leads to the opposite effect in real life. .
Contrary to the scary dream scene, your life will be characterized by happy relationships and material blessings. In the future, you can expect beautiful things, not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. Dreaming of a moonlit path
Dreaming of walking on a moonlit path, and as you walk it lights up the part of the road in front of you, and a symbol of the upcoming significant changes in real life.
These changes can break you or lead you to create a good career or private life.
The way you deal with the situation after experiencing these changes will make you a successful person or a desperate person. Dream of the moon (for pregnant women)
If you are currently pregnant and have dreamed of a moon, there is a high chance that you will have a boy.
You and your partner have probably wanted to get it for a long time, so you will be delighted when the gynecologist finally gives you this good news after you take the exam. Dreaming of hugging the moon
For male readers a dream in which one hugs or cuddles the moon means the possibility of marrying a physically very attractive woman or someone who has a very rich or famous past.
For married women, this dream vision indicates that their husbands will be glorified for doing something extraordinary or heroic in the past, such as taking the lead in fighting poverty, finding a cure for a serious illness, or saving someone’s life.
Unmarried women may be lucky enough to marry the most desirable bachelor in town. Dreaming of a red moon
Often this terrestrial satellite in a dream has positive interpretations and is associated with the spirit of the person who dreams about it, as well as with her mystical abilities.
But if you have seen the red moon, this dream is actually a warning that danger is near.
Most dream interpreters consider the red moon a symbol of conflict and war.
If a girl sees a blood-red moon in a dream, there is a possibility that she will quarrel with a friend or boyfriend.
If a man sees such a dream, this is a warning not to interfere in any war: neither international nor local (at work, with neighbors, etc.)
Seeing two or more red moons is a sign that speaks of problems in your personal life.
If there were two red moons high up in the sky, this dream is a sign of a conflict that could escalate into a relationship.
Your partner has hurt or angered you so much that any quarrel can lead to divorce or separation. Three or more moons in a dream mean that you cannot choose between multiple suitors.
The huge red moon in the sky is a symbol of significant life changes.
If the moon had a halo around you, you should remember that your words and actions will have a wide resonance and irreversible consequences, so try not to lose self-control and keep a “sober” mind.
If you have seen a full moon of red color, this is a sign that you will soon be disappointed in your partner.
The gypsy dream book states that the red moon surrounded by clouds in a dream gives you an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past.
If the red moon in the dream was obscured by the shadow of the earth, then this is a tip: in the hustle and bustle of life you will be able to discern false values ​​(false friends, false friends, etc.).
If you see a red moon near the sun, beware of financial scams; do not indulge in any persuasion, even if you are promised an incredible gain: not only will you run out of money, but you will also have big problems.

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