Dreams on paper indicate different responsibilities and potentials that you must reach and follow.
You are living proof of your hard work and keep a record of your expressions and actions.
Pay attention to what you are doing with the card and the messages that may be on the card, as they may alert you to important details of your conscience. Dreaming of signing documents
If you sign documents in your dream, it means that you will be offered a new job, a contract or the opportunity to participate in a serious project. Dreaming of folding or wrapping paper
Folding or wrapping paper in your sleep predicts that you will reverse the different stages of the project. You will have the freedom to shape things into whatever you want.
Try to follow the steps slowly and calmly, as all your mistakes could leave permanent traces on the final product. Dreaming of receiving paper
Receiving paper in dreams is an idea that must be respected. You will get a set of standard procedures that you need to follow. Dreaming of tearing or destroying paper.
Tearing or destroying paper in dreams and frustration or shame because something went wrong. You want to destroy all evidence that you have even tried to get something.
If the paper is already torn when you see it, it predicts that you will inherit big problems at work or school and will have to solve them for others. Dreaming of having lost or run out of paper
If you have dreamed that you have lost or are missing important documents in your sleep, it means that you lack the self-confidence or the resources that would help you achieve your goals.
You will be missing important information and you will need to be convincing enough to others with your ability to perform. Dreaming of eating paper
If you dream of chewing or eating paper, it warns you that you are involved in strange and risky business.
Subsequently, you may have to pay too high a price for your decisions, which can be very inconvenient.Dreaming of selling paper
If you have dreamed of selling paper, any paper product, including notebooks and sheets of recycled paper as office supplies, it means that your business will thrive.
If you are an employee, you may have the opportunity to progress the process and increase your salary.
If you are planning to start a business or already have a business venture, this dream symbol indicates big profits and huge returns for your investments and ventures.
Make sure you make the most of this favorable period. Dreaming of burning paper
Burning paper in a dream is a sign of an accident. You will face many problems and anxieties, and the dream predicts that you will have a chance by getting rid of everything and being born again from the fire.
Burning paper in your sleep indicates that you will be wasting money.
Dreaming of someone else burning paper means that you will help and spend money on your relative who has health problems, to regain his health. Dreaming of buying paper
If you dream of buying paper, it means that you are preparing to try new ideas that may not bear fruit.
You are in the initial stage of planning your goals. Maybe you lack ideas and have nothing concrete. Dreaming of giving someone paper
Giving a blank piece of paper to others in a dream is a sign that you want others to be more communicative with you.
However, if the words are written on paper, it is a sign that you are setting expectations for how you want people to communicate with you. Dreaming of taking someone’s paper.
Taking a paper from someone else means that your close relative will ask for your help with family problems, but you will reluctantly help him. Dreaming of Removing the Card
If you have removed the card from a map or book in a dream, it suggests that you decide to remove certain ideas or feelings. Think about uttering or expressing certain opinions. Dreaming of destroying the paper
Destroying the card in a dream means that you want to destroy all traces of certain moments from the past. You are ready to give up and survive the losses in your projects. Dreaming of toilet paper rolls or tissue paper
Dreaming of a toilet paper roll is a consequence and purification of emotional release. You are ready to heal and recover from your emotional outburst.
It should be noted that you will still leave a mark somewhere, but those marks will soon be forgotten. Dreaming of an exam or test card on paper
If you see a control activity or test on paper in a dream, it indicates a recent favorable project. You will have the freedom to experiment and test your ideas in a controlled environment.Dreaming of being cut on paper
If you cut yourself out on paper during sleep, it is foreseeable that you will suffer small disturbances because you are not careful in the way you handle sensitive information. Dreaming of construction paper
If you see or use construction paper in a dream, it foretells that you will work on the realization of your plans. Use the right tools and measure your progress. Dream of quality paper stocks
If you see high-quality binding paper or paper in a dream, it means that you will embark on very important and extravagant work. Maybe you are getting ready or will be invited to an important or festive party. Divorce papers
If you see divorce papers in a dream, it means that you are doomed to spend a lot of money, time and effort on proving your case. Be clear about what you want and set clear expectations. Dreaming of paper
money or a paper bill Dreaming of paper money or a paper bill indicates that you will help your cousin and your family financially. Dreaming of the parchment
Dreaming of the parchment is a sign that you will strive for a better financial situation. Dreaming of party paper
Seeing wallpaper in a dream suggests paying too much attention to the appearance of someone, who does not have a special essence. Dreaming of a pile or a bag of paper
If you saw a pile of paper in a dream, it means irresistible responsibilities and stress that you need to sort out and sort out. You may take more than you can bear. Dreaming of a paper airplane
If you have seen paper airplanes in a dream, it indicates your frivolous search. Your hobbies can remain just hobbies and it will be difficult to turn them into a profitable business. Dreaming of paperwork
Dreaming of paperwork or paper forms as a tax return, indicates the need for your documentation to be thorough. Someone will ask you about your records in the near future and you will have to submit them. Dream of a paper bag
Seeing paper bags in a dream is a secret. Don’t judge someone by their open appearance, focus on the inner content. Dreaming of paper and pencil
If you see pen and paper together in a dream, it means that you have to organize and record some aspects of your life. Soon you will have an adventure that is worth recording and remembering, to tell it to others. Dreaming of a paper boat
Seeing or driving a paper boat in a dream means that you will soon be emotionally tested. You will go through difficult times that will test your tenacity.
Be willing to complete your task at the risk of sinking. It may be necessary to act quickly. Dreaming of a paper napkin
Paper towels during sleep indicate that temporary problems will occur. Get ready to quickly resolve your previous problems so you can move forward.
This dream also means that troubled times may soon be forgotten and “thrown in the garbage”. Dream card with questions.If
you have seen or answered questions from a document or survey in a dream, it means that others really want to know your opinion on certain aspects.
However, your opinion may not be taken seriously. Dreaming of a simple white card
If you’ve always dreamed of blank plain sheets, take a look at the potential options you have. You will be easily influenced by external forces. But you will still experience a new beginning in life. Dreaming of crumpled
paper Finding crumpled paper in a trash can or scattered on the floor as discarded drafts suggests failures or big disappointments to come.
Perhaps you are entering a time of bad luck. For example, there may be challenges at work that make your job even more difficult.
You can clash with a colleague which can lead to confrontation. It can also affect your family as you vent your frustrations in front of friends or loved ones.
As things are not going well, your patience will be severely tested during this time. Dreaming of an old card
. Old cards in a dream reflect old memories from the past. You may have forgotten important messages and lessons from a past life. Dreaming of a dirty paper.Dirty
documents in dreams, symbolize rotten ideas or background to move forward. Either you are wrong or you have to keep working on someone’s problem. Dreaming of a wet paper
Seeing wet paper in a dream, perhaps due to rain, actually refers to loss of property and material damage.
Wet paper indicates a waste of investment or bad decisions that could reduce the value of your property. Dreaming of blood on paper
Seeing blood on paper in a dream indicates certain messages or thoughts that can be harmful. Soon you will be faced with harsh truths and information. Dream of the blue
card The blue card in a dream announces happiness. Dreaming of brown paper Brown
cards in dreams also announce happiness. you may come across profitable trades or transactions. Dream about the black card
It is believed that the black card, as a symbol of dreams, foretells the receipt of some bad or unfortunate news in reality soon.
It can be anything from learning about a friend’s death to missing out on a unique opportunity you were hoping to take advantage of.
If you have accidentally read or seen text on this black sheet, for example written in white or colored ink, it means that an unscrupulous person is trying to enter your inner circle by flattering you and telling you what you want to hear.
As soon as they are close enough to you, they would likely stab you in the back or take advantage of their position in your life. Dreaming of green
paper.Green books in a dream indicate happy moments in your life. Pink Card
Dreams Pink card dreams predict that you will soon fall in love and receive love letters.Dreaming of yellow
paper.Yellow sheets in dreams predict that someone from your past will ask you for help. Dreaming of golden paper.Golden
paper in a dream represents happiness and wealth. You may find some decent money that you didn’t think was worth it. Dreaming of silver paper
The silver paper in a dream announces that you will overcome health problems. Dream of the red card
The red cards in the dream suggest that you will soon receive good news. You will be invited to a joyful public event. Dreaming of paper production
If you have dreamed of being in a large factory as part of an educational tour or as a worker in a paper company, this suggests the possibility of obtaining important information or discovering an important secret.
This information or knowledge may eventually be useful to you.
You can use them as a basis for professional growth, or if it is in your social circle then this could be the “weapon” you need to ensure the loyalty of acquaintances or to expel dishonest friends who have found themselves in your inner circle. . Dreaming of colored paper
Seeing colored paper in a dream, such as wax paper or printer paper, is actually a positive symbol, especially when it comes to receiving good news.
For example, you may be suffering from a particularly difficult day and you may suddenly hear exciting information that would make your day happy.
It can be someone’s praise or a good development of your other endeavors.
It could also be something as simple as seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time and it would make you smile. Dreaming of paper with drawings
Holding a piece of paper on which texts are drawn, maybe some logos drawn on it or some words drawn on it with a pencil, usually it is a sign of trouble in front of us.
In particular, your source of the problem may be money related. For example, a friend might drag you into a suspicious job or a scam because you need the money.
It may seem harmless and profitable at first, but the negative consequences will only appear when you say yes to a transaction or business.
So maybe this is your subconscious warning you to stay away from the get rich quick scheme. Dreaming of cutting paper
Cutting paper into small or thin strips, as a manual option to shred paper to protect sensitive information, often signals monetary happiness.
In particular, you can win money in a lottery or a bet you make with a colleague or friend. It could also come from hard work.
You can embark on a very profitable venture with someone you trust and it would be worth it.
Hence, you are in a unique position to be financially more stable or at least have extra money to spend on your needs. Dreaming of pieces of paper in the air
Dreaming of paper floating in the air, such as propaganda brochures being thrown or paper confetti for festive occasions, implies short-term dreams.
It may be easy for you to move from one goal to another without fully engaging in this aspiration or following your own plans.
You may be fully dedicated and focused, but the dream itself is fragile and one wrong move can waste everything you’ve worked hard for.
Maybe you just need to enjoy the little wins along the way. Dream card (for young women)
For young women, a paper image in the dream world indicates a discrepancy and conflict between her and her friend.
For unmarried women this can be a boyfriend or a casual friend with “benefits”, but for married women this particularly applies to their partner.
Even for married women, this view implies that someone physically close to your family, such as a neighbor, may be responsible for these problems, possibly by spreading rumors or poking around in other people’s affairs.

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