Have you dreamed of a bat or bats
Here’s what it can mean

The bat is an animal with different meanings, it can be, in general, both a positive symbol and a negative symbol. It is possible to dream of a bat that bites, a bat that flies, or a whole group within the four walls of one’s home.
There are numerous and different dreams that can involve the nocturnal animal. Dreaming of a bat can be a symptom of a suggestion, however it is a good idea to keep in mind the details of your dream to provide a precise interpretation. Targeted, that goes straight to the point. What does the bat representIn western culture, unlike the eastern one, the bat does not have a positive connotation, far from it. Finding it within one’s dreams, in fact, is a bad omen, as it reflects one’s anxieties and restlessness, even at the level of one’s sexual life. It is possible to dream of a large number of bats , one of the cases that we do not wish you: if dreaming of a single bat, in fact, can be a bad omen, you can well imagine how dreaming many, one next to the other, can only have an effect. multiplied. If you dream of a single bat, there is a second possibility, less tragic than those proposed so far: analyzed with other elements present within the dream, in fact, this figure can underline your future insight .in passing a difficult test, or the rationality that you will be able to exploit to settle accounts with a person. But these are cases, which must be analyzed in context. Dreaming of bats: what psychology says
Psychologists argue that dreaming of bats represents the crowding of thoughts in one’s mind. It is not said that these are negative thoughts, they can in fact concern commitments, even positive ones, but what is certain and that transmit a great dose of anxiety and frenzy to the dreamer, who is not able to keep the compass and proceed gradually . It takes a turnaround, which only the help of a loved one can provide.
I was alone in the house, and I was sitting at the desk in my room. I looked up, and a swarm of bats was about to attack me. What a disturbing dream. What it can mean What does it mean to dream of bats At home : you will have to face problems at home, which are difficult to solve. The higher the number of nocturnal animals in your dreams, the more difficult it will be to find a solution to your difficulties. What is certain is that there will be obstacles to overcome Neri : black is the color of the end. A black bat, therefore, could portend the end of something, of a romantic relationship or an important friendship, which is particularly dear to him. Black could also represent the suspicious part that lives in us. Whites:the goal you have set for yourself has almost been achieved, only a few, but fundamental, steps are missing. Be careful not to give up in these last moments before reaching victory completely and being able to rejoice in a way that hasn’t happened for a long time. Dead – this dream means that in the last few you have lost faith in yourself, and for one reason or another you have realized it with a guilty delay. You need an injection of confidence from the people closest to you. Upside down : this dream has a positive meaning. In fact, you are able to see the world from a different perspective, grasping some aspects that are not very clear to everyone. It is a strength to be exploited in different situations. They bite: something disturbs you in your daily life, and you can’t rest easy, but you don’t know what specifically. You live with counterproductive anxiety every day, which can sometimes involve minor episodes. Giants : the problem is really big, and you are deeply concerned about it. You do not know what the most appropriate solution is, nor how to move, and this destabilizes you. Not even your loved ones are able to help you. Little ones : you are making too many paranoia, this is what the dream in question wants to warn you about. It is true that there are problems that need to be solved, but they are of little consequence and do not require immediate decisions. See them fly: this dream means that in your daily life you are experiencing a concern for your health. If the dream recurs with cyclic frequency, you should have a medical check-up, at least to remove any kind of doubt. Being touched: In popular belief, this is a bad omen, a harbinger of sudden misfortune. This is not a sanctioned truth, of course, but certainly even the modern interpretation of dreams agrees on the meaning to be given to this dream vision. Dreaming of so many bats or picking them up
If in the dream you happen to pick upbats it is possible that something is bothering you in the family. The situation requires a decision to be made as soon as possible, consulting with people you trust blindly. If, on the other hand, you happen, in dreams, to kill bats, you should pay close attention because there are people around you who pretend to be true friends, only to prove themselves as dangerous rivals. There are many bats.
This dream is a decidedly negative omen, a symptom of a possible loss, which will make you suffer.
If you have come this far in reading, in all probability you may also be interested in knowing what it means to dream of losing a tooth , stepping on broken glass or losing blood .. Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Many 3
White 7
At home 9
Kill them 12
Flying over your head 15
Before your eyes 46
Seeing it 46 Catching it
Bat 70
In flight 83

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