The train in dreams, have you ever seen it Dreaming of a train, as well as all collective means of transport, symbolizes one’s social life and the relationships connected to it. So everything that is required of us, directly or indirectly, in the workplace, school, family. And not only.
The train is symbolically linked to the psychic and material growth of the dreamer and to his ability to overcome the various phases that follow. A positive dream, but with different meanings: here are some of them.
The fixed times and the way the train is used mean that its meaning is linked to the rules that apply in the society to which the dreamer belongs, rules to follow in order to grow and integrate into the social context. The train in dreams symbolizes the need to feel part of the surrounding world , to participate in social life. An element not to be overlooked is the fact that the train is driven by others, and we are not in control, as is the case with the car. Getting on the train of dreams you then rely on someone else. This should make us think: by following the “current” we are actually satisfying our real need or we are getting carried away by conformity and indolence Dreaming of a train: psychological implications
Dreaming of a train, be it stopped, in transit or crowded, from a psychological point of view indicates – as we have already had occasion to mention – the need of the dreamer to integrate more into society, to be part of the community in which he lives with greater intensity and participation. It may be a very recent or coming need, which certainly, if concretized, would allow those who dream to take a step forward in their social life.
I dream of taking the train to go to a certain place but then I realize that it is going somewhere else, to a place I do not know. What a strange dream, what can it mean That does not leave:reflect on the direction taken and on the possibility of achieving your goals. Something tends to block you because you fear you have made bad choices. Losing it, on the other hand, is a dream linked to lack of confidence in one’s abilities, not feeling able to evaluate situations and deal with them in the proper way. You feel stuck, unable to find the right path, perhaps due to the loss of a real opportunity, material or sentimental, that will never come back. Dreaming of a train that does not arrive , it means instead thatyou think you are unlucky, you don’t have the same chances that others have. You are living passively, letting go without ever accomplishing anything concrete. Dreaming of falling off the train instead indicates that you were disappointed by a choice made, which did not lead you where you wanted. Perhaps you are going through a time when it is difficult for you to bear the weight of responsibility because you have overestimated your abilities, throwing yourself headlong into projects that are too ambitious and out of your reach. Having to respect the timetable to be able to take the train instead reflects the dreamer’s attention aimed at not losing important opportunities, not being left behind. For Freud, the elongated and rigid shape of the train recalls the male organ and brings back to this dream the repressed drives of the dreamer, the unconfessed and forbidden desires linked to the sexual sphere. Train that derails: the psychologist says it
There is also a purely psychological aspect: if in your dream the train derails the difficulties and problems block you and make you lose control of the situation. You are afraid of failing, of missing the goals you have set for yourself and you behave with fear and immaturity that will only make things worse. Other ways of dreaming of a train Being overwhelmed by it:some aspects of your personality, such as drives and instincts, kept under strict control, are trying to emerge. This is due to an excessive load of responsibility and the consequent desire to escape and live without restraints or inhibitions. Losing it and taking the next one: it is a positive image that shows that you have not lost heart in the face of difficulties, that you have not given up but that on the contrary you are reorganizing yourself and that you will be able to draw experience and teaching from the mistakes made. . Not knowing which station to get off at : shows insecurity and impulsiveness. Avoid making choices dictated by emotionality, momentary enthusiasm, because you may find yourself in situations that are difficult to manage and that will not bring you any profit.Wrong train – this dream reflects insecurity and fear of not being up to the situation. You have the unpleasant feeling that you have made a hasty choice and that the path you have taken does not correspond to what you really want. Not being able to get on it because it is too full: you fear the approval, of losing your uniqueness by growing up and entering the world of work or adult society. Fatigue and uncertainty frighten you and you fear being overwhelmed by future responsibilities and tasks. Stationary: this dream indicates that you are reflecting on an important choice that could change your life. You are undecided and you are taking the time to try to make the best decision for you and those around you. Descend:indicates the end of something, a journey, a project, a dream and perhaps a story or a relationship with someone who was part of our life. An important end, which was however necessary due to the sudden evolution of a delicate situation. Dreaming of an empty train – you feel a strong lack of affection and that the bond you had with some people is slowly fading. It could be a voluntary removal from one’s family of origin. Crowded: This dream vision indicates that family life tends to be a little too stuffy, requests multiply, and the desire for time for yourself is becoming overwhelming. You must also think about your own well-being, not just that of others.In the gallery: this dream vision explains to you, if ever it were needed, that you are keeping a cautious attitude, wary towards situations that seem unclear to you, and that perhaps you even consider harmful for you and for your career. Dreaming of a train that runs fast: meaning
If, on the other hand, you have dreamed of a train that runs fast, things are going too fast. You have to slow down a bit because otherwise you risk losing control of a delicate situation. If, on the other hand, it has happened to you, in your dream subconscious, to dream of an accident between trains, you are anguished, anxious and this is probably caused by something that has happened to you and that you do not want to talk about or confide in anyone.
If you have come this far in reading the article, in all likelihood you are interested in the world of dream interpretation. Here is for you, therefore, what it means to dream of taking the plane or leaving by ship . Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Accident 2
Train 4
Falling 4
Derailing 8
At the station 17
Fast 27
Empty 37
Departing 40
In the tunnel 50
Losing it 56
On the tracks 58
Crowded 60
Coming 82
Stationary 90

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