Frogs are fantastic animals. There are hundreds of different species of frogs around the planet.
From those fascinating colorful creatures, equipped with some of the deadliest poisons on earth, through adorable little ones taken for pets, to unjustly despised.
Frogs were transformed into symbolic animals in ancient times.
These animals are often associated with magic, witchcraft, the forces of light and darkness. In some cultures, frogs are believed to bring happiness and wealth.
It is interesting to note that frogs are not as common a dreaming motif as some other terrestrial creatures.
This fact makes dreams about frogs even more interesting and, perhaps, more important to the dreamer.
Before interpreting some of the most common dreams related to the frog, we must analyze the basics of the frog symbol.
Frogs live almost everywhere in the world, so different people see them differently.
These amphibians are present in the beliefs, myths and legends of many people.
In many great mythologies, frogs are associated with the concept and the very idea of ​​all life and existence, as these animals are closely related to the element of water.
For example, in the ancient Celtic religion, it was believed that, for example, frogs had healing powers.
For Indians, this animal is associated with the power of rain, the animal water for its crops.
In Asian cultures, frogs are associated with magical powers and the ability to act as intermediaries between the realms of the dead and the living.
They are believed to have positive and protective energy. Frog figurines are a very common motif among people in Asia. They are believed to protect deceased loved ones and loved ones on their way to the afterlife.
Of course, the Chinese Feng Shui frog is a happy symbol; bring wealth home. Frogs have a similar positive meaning in Japan.
For most Westerners, frogs are associated with witchcraft and dark magic; when they speak of frogs, they are usually referring to an ugly frog.
You know all these stories about a handsome young prince turned into a frog
Since frogs are creatures that are heard rather than seen, in Western concepts they are associated with secrets, hiding places and all sorts of mysterious actions. Dreaming of frogs
There are so many interesting interpretations of frog symbols, but they could be summed up in a list of specific meanings; transformation, life, fertility, healing, happiness, well-being and wealth.
However, seeing frogs in a dream can also mean many things.
It is strange that this symbolically powerful, yet very common animal does not seem appropriate to mingle with our dreams so often.
That’s why it’s good to know what dreams about frogs can mean in general.
Seeing frogs in dreams could help you get answers to many questions that annoy you in reality.
Since frogs are symbolically associated with very important concepts, such as life itself, our common good, physical and material, and secret and dark things, it is important to carefully analyze every aspect of sleep.
It is important to remember what the frog was doing, how you felt about it and what other circumstances you had in the dream. Dreaming of seeing a frog
If you dream of a calm frog seen somewhere, this is a positive sign. You are in a calm, relaxed and peaceful phase of your life; everything is exactly as it should be.
There are no problems in your near future and you don’t have much to worry about.
Perhaps this makes you feel strange in reality and a period of calm makes you feel exactly the opposite.
Relax, this dream means that you should relax and let everything go with its time for a while.
Dreams of seeing a frog are very positive, especially if the frog is fat and if it seems satisfied and is resting.
It could be a happy sign, more precisely that the period of prosperity is approaching your path.
This means that your hard work will finally pay off and you will be allowed to harmoniously enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Seeing a frog means happiness, abundance, wealth and happiness in general. Dreaming of a frog in the house
The dream of a frog in the house and another positive. This dream means that happiness and wealth enter your life and the life of your family.
If you have problems and conflicts with your loved ones, they will surely be resolved in a positive way for everyone.
If you don’t have enough money, this dream is promising; frog motifs are mostly associated with wealth.
However, if you see a lot of frogs in the house and can’t get rid of them, the dream has a completely opposite meaning.
This means that you will have to face material losses or problems that you will face easily. Dreaming of a giant frog
Surprisingly, dreams of seeing a giant frog don’t bring giant wealth! On the contrary, it is not a good sign.
A huge frog in a dream does not mean anything good; instead of having a meaning of great wealth, it means great trouble.
This dream can be a bad omen for your near future or a reflection of the problems you already have.
You may be suppressing negative emotions towards the people around you or trying not to see the problems. You cannot avoid them. It will build up if you don’t do something about it.
Facing a big frog in a dream means that you are facing great difficulties in your waking life. You are frustrated because you don’t know how to fix things yet.
Every time you turn your head away, the problem gets bigger.
Don’t despair; it is time to take new steps and courageously solve the problems of your life.
You are afraid of failure, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to clean up the mess of your life. Dream about a little frog
Seeing a little frog in a dream is a positive sign. Little frogs are happy! It is similar to the symbolism in waking life.
If you dream about it, this little frog represents all the little joys in life in the first place.
It comes to remind you that life is not there only for great projects and results; you should enjoy every goal achieved, even the smallest.
Turn to the relaxing and simple joys; don’t shake too much. Life has time for everything; however, this sometimes seems impossible.
If you have dreamed of a little frog, you might consider yourself happy to have your life as it is. Dreaming of holding a frog in your hand
Dreams of taking a frog by the hand or of a frog jumping on your arm and staying there are positive.
These dreams are similar to when you see frogs, but stronger in meaning.
This means that you are literally in a wealthy relationship; you will surely be lucky in your near future, especially in material terms.
This dream can mean that you are rewarded for your hard work or that new and great opportunities will appear out of nowhere.
Dreams of keeping a frog reflect your inner doubts about new opportunities.
They are in front of you, you see them, but you are not willing to make big changes, because you feel safe.
This dream reflects your ideas of what it would be like if you really took a certain opportunity.
Such a dream could help you decide whether to take advantage of the opportunity in reality or not.
If you have felt really good in this dream, do it and make the best of the situation. Dreaming of eating a frog
Dreams of eating a frog are negative signs. These dreams are usually associated with conflicts with people; it most likely means that you will be fighting with someone close to you.
Dreams about eating a frog reflect your difficulties in communicating with the people around you.
You may feel like no one understands you or, worse, no one wants to hear what you have to say. You may find it difficult to express your opinion clearly.
On the other hand, dreams of eating a frog are also dreams of acceptance.
This means that it will be very difficult for you to forget and / or forgive something the other person has said or done.
You may not want to accept other people’s opinions or advice.
This dream could also be a reflection of your state of shock caused by something a famous person did, which left you speechless.

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