According to the modern interpretation, dreaming of a cat can represent the sexual energy that is in us and our desire, sometimes repressed, to manifest it. The cat is in fact an extremely sinuous animal in its movements, very fond of cuddling and sensitive to contact, as shown by purring us.
It is an animal, the cat, which can be linked to strong symbolisms, linked to desire, indifference, power and creativity. We cannot ignore this starting point to advance analysis on what it actually means to dream of one or more cats. The symbolism of the cat
The cat, according to Western culture, later taken up by the modern interpretation of dreams, is an animal considered a traitor and opportunist.clearly negative connotations. Beyond commonplaces, it is certainly a suspicious animal, lazy enough, able to look at the world with the detachment of someone who knows he is self-sufficient and above all to be able to get by anyway.
Curious, playful, agile, lithe, elegant, a lover of comfort and cleanliness and contrary to what many believe capable of giving a lot of affection, even if in a selective way: to those who like it and especially with his times. This means that the meaning of dreaming about cats cannot be separated from a specific analysis of the symbols that can be recognized within the dream itself. Meaning in psychology
From the psychological point of view ,dreaming of cats can be directly linked to our personal need to be free and independent. This type of dream, in particular, is typical and very frequent in those who feel in themselves an unexpressed need for independence and autonomy.
But according to psychology, this type of dream can also be linked to a personal state of mind, to our belief that something mysterious is happening or can happen. A sort of premonitory intuition about our future. Not very clear and difficult to analyze without having particular references.
I often dream of being woken up at night by the meows of two cats fighting in my garden. What meaning can the black cat have in dreams
When it happens to dream of a black cat , the mind undoubtedly refers to the most ancestral beliefs of those who dream. The black cat has always been associated with satanic figures and witchcraft, and therefore is a bad omen. However, he undoubtedly points to moodiness and anguish, due to a painful change. And if the domestic feline and other colors Red: the dream pertains to the sexual sphere of the dreamer. If it is meek, it means that we are living our sexuality serenely and to the fullest. If he is aggressive, he is warning us that our impulses are pounding to come out. WhiteIf it’s also friendly, it’s very likely that you need to get back to a situation of innocence and purity. You are in a time of change in your life and you may feel inadequate in the face of what is happening to you. Orange : it is very likely that you are in a period in which you feel the strong need for carefree and fun. You need a period of color and fun. Behavior of cats in dreams
It may happen that the cat, in its dream dimension, poses as an animal or even as a man. This is how it is possible to dream of a cat scratchingeither it bites, which for women is indicative of someone harboring anger and grudge against them, or has to object to your decisions and opinions. For man it is instead an expression of pleasure and enjoyment for sex and life. Which gives birth: according to the modern interpretation of dreams, it is a certainly positive dream vision, which somehow predicts a future liberation of our senses; soon we will be able to fully recover thanks to our personality. What a meow: it is an invitation from our subconscious to listen to us more, to indulge our needs and our passions. Without having any limitations whatsoever. That is talking:when an animal speaks to us, it does so to communicate something very important to us. This is why we must take what he tells us seriously, especially if it is connected to the personal and family sphere. Wounded or dying cat
It is a rather frequent experience to dream of an injured cat and must not leave you alone. Often and willingly, in fact, it refers to a difficult period we are experiencing, especially a sentimental disappointment. It usually refers to a possible breakup, following a very difficult time with your partner. The difficulty lies in the lack of dialogue and understanding, at the basis of the relationship.
If the cat dies, the meaning can be read within the sexual dimension. The cat is a symbol of sensuality and sexuality, and his death can indicate the death of passion with his partner. Also in this case it indicates a painful breakup, a forced separation from the people who once loved, due to the overflow of non-secondary problems, to which it is not possible to put a patch or which cannot be definitively resolved. Dreaming of a cat: other meanings
Depending on the context, a cat in the dream can take on many other meanings. This is how dreaming of a dying cat refers to the dream realization of a strong disappointment that we are experiencing with a person dear to us, or the unconscious manifestation of a moment of emotional loneliness. Much depends on our current psychological situation. One’s: represents ourselves, or a person to whom we are particularly attached. Dreaming, in this case, of losing it and not being able to find it indicates one’s need for freedom and independence. Without a tail, with the tail cut off: I ndica in those who dream a sense of “castration” for an emotional or work situation that is being lived. A difficult period to endure, to which it is difficult to find a solution. Drowned : You feel overwhelmed, in distress. You need the help of a loved one to get out of a difficult time, which does not leave you alone. Stroke it: you are experiencing a sentimental relationship that is perhaps too cold, for this you need caresses and cuddles, the ones that you regularly ask your partner (and which unfortunately does not guarantee you for you).
If you have come this far in reading, in all probability you may also be interested in the meaning of dreaming of a dog that bites or barks and dreaming of ants . Dream Interpretation and Lot Numbers
Cat 3
White 3
Giving birth 8
Scaring 10
Drowned 33
Kittens 37
Meowing 45
Caressing 47
Dead 57
Abandoned 70
Kill Him 77
Black 81
Red 83

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