One of the most anticipated events of the year by consumers is Black Friday, the popular ‘Black Friday’ where offers and great discounts are the main protagonists. This is how the day that begins the Christmas campaign is known and that has been acquiring more and more importance in the commercial calendar over the years.
It originated in the United States, spreading internationally in such a way that most retail stores as well as large shopping platforms have joined this initiative. Given its North American origin, it coincides annually one day after Thanksgiving, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November.

What is the exact day of Black Friday in 2021

This date was born in the United States as a shopping day in which consumers made their list of Santa Claus gifts, since at that time there was still enough stock of the most products. Being celebrated the day after the celebration of the American Thanksgiving Day, and being the fourth Thursday of November, Black Friday takes place every year on a Friday. This 2021 the day for its celebration will be Friday, November 26.
Businesses are already immersed in this consumer campaign for this important day in various sectors. The discounts can be enjoyed both in physical establishments and on the online platform.The tradition of extending this day of sales taking advantage of the days before and after, and even the entire week, to keep their products on sale is becoming more and more widespread. Each store manages Black Friday as best suits their financial interests, but all agree to at least save this special Friday for their promotions.
There are numerous buying guides to not miss out on the many opportunitiesthat the establishments offer us and there are some companies that already have the discounts that they will begin to offer on November 26. Platforms like Amazon have not yet posted on their website the promotions that they will have available during this day, but they are expected to advance their offers to the official day of Black Friday. What will surely continue, as in previous years, are the flash offers throughout the week prior to the celebration, with discounts of up to 60% off.
It should also be noted that many companies take the opportunity to overlap Black Friday with the celebration of Cyber ​​Monday,which takes place on the Monday just after Thanksgiving. That Monday is dedicated exclusively to online purchases, so online commerce surely links Black Friday discounts with Cyber ​​Monday discounts.

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