The arrival of the new season and the approach of the end of the year, always bring with them the desire for change and novelty, which often are reflected above all on the style: as well as for fashion, the 2020/2021 nail trends offer many ideas and interesting ideas to give your nails a truly glamorous look, capable of giving that extra touch to your look for this winter season . The latest trends in enamels and nails see as protagonists a mix of great classics and seasonal shades, which will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.
From the timeless burgundy and manicure with intense colors, to the most popular trends such as nude nails or neutral shades, up to the most daring and captivating experiments in metallic or fluo tones : this autumn / winter 2020 season, has in store a series of truly unique proposals that will certainly fascinate you and conquer your heart. With DiLei discover what are the latest nail trends, let yourself be inspired by the most fashionable nail art and choose the manicure that’s right for you, for a look that is always at the top! What colors and designs to choose for winter nails
There are so many nail trends spotted on the catwalk for this fall / winter 2020 season : intense colors for manicures with a glam touch, or neutral shades for a more elegant style, but also many original ideas for nail art, innovative textures, applications, drawings and much more. Here are all the most interesting proposals to always be fashionable even in the coldest season of the year!

  • Raw manicure: the fall 2020 trend
  • Dark nail polish for a rock and captivating manicure
  • Red nails to never be disappointed
  • Nude and neutral colors for bon-ton nails
  • The return of the French manicure
  • Fluo nail polish for a perfect pop style
  • Half moon manicure
  • Denim effect manicure
  • Cut out nails
  • Sparkling Snowflake Nail Art
  • Metallic, gold and silver enamels

Raw manicure: the autumn 2020 trend
The protagonist colors of this autumn 2020 are undoubtedly the warm and enveloping ones, which recall the shades of the earth and the foliage: dark orange, intense ocher, caramel color and all shades of brown will give an irresistible refined and elegant touch to your manicure. For an urinal manicure you can opt for a revisited French that recalls the colors of the season, perfect for square and long nails . Alternatively you can choose a sophisticated degrade, painting each nail with a different shade of brown, from beige to dark chocolate. Even the brightest orange will be in trend: a bold and original color that recalls the tones of autumn leaves, particularly suitable for those with a dark or slightly amber complexion. Dark nail polish for a rock and captivating manicure
The winter trends also see nail polishes in dark colors, which with their rich, intense and full-bodied shades will be able to give the right character to your nails. The most popular colors will be black and burgundy , inevitable in the winter palette, as well as purpleand the chocolate color; But what will be talked about will be midnight blue , petrol green and gray , for a more gritty and refined manicure. The important thing is that the nails are rigorously shiny, even better if in gel, to have a touch of brilliance despite the dark tones. Red nails to never be disappointed
Red nails are a real evergreen, a classic that knows no season and that really suits everyone. Chic and classy in all its shades, the total red manicure never goes out of fashion, but the real star of this winter are the burgundy nails: sexy and feminine, this nuance can enhance any manicure, especially theshort and squoval nails (i.e. square but with rounded corners) thanks to its exquisitely dark character. Nudes and neutral colors for bon-ton nails
If on the one hand strong nail polishes with more intense colors are popular, on the other the 2020 nail trends also include more tenuous and delicate nuances for lovers of the nude style : pink and flesh-colored nail polishes , beigeor milky white, they are ideal for enhancing oval or rounded nails. A beloved trend will also be the Baby Boomer nails, a manicure characterized by extra length and ombre colors that blend pink and white tones for a neutral but very refined effect. For a more glamorous effect, you can choose to embellish your nude nails with rhinestones or a light sprinkle of glitter. The return of the French manicure
For those with a penchant for decorated nails, the 2020 nail trends offer a great classic in a revisited key: it is the French manicure, where however white leaves room for more creative nuances; so here is that the classic line that defines the nail is tinged with the most varied colors, frompastel shades with darker shades, embellished with glitter or enriched with geometric lines and designs , for a more imaginative and casual manicure. Fluo nail polish for a perfect pop style
The eighties style has already conquered the catwalks and now it’s also up to the world of nail art: it will be rounded nails and long almond-shaped nails, typical of those years, to carve out a prominent place among the autumn / winter 2020 manicure trends; in contrast with the traditions, which see the bright and bright colors more suitable for the summer season, this year you can give free rein to your imagination with nails decorated with the most eccentric fluorescent and neon colors. In particular, electric blue and ultra violet are the most fashionable colors! Manicure for short nails
If you think you can’t afford elaborate decorations and fancy nail art because of short nails, you are very wrong: if well cared for, short nails can be very feminine and fashionable, and there are several trends that can enhance them to the fullest. In general, dark nail polishes are perfect for short nails, even matt shades look their best on xs manicures, especially those with square or squoval nails. If you want a long and flawless manicure, the classic gel reconstruction will allow you to show off extra-long nails without damaging the nail structure . Alternatively, you can opt for a delicate degrade, which will allow you to strategically lengthen your nails thanks to the optical effect of its gradual shades. Half moon manicure
A very popular trend, perfect for enhancing short nails and half moon manicure : also called Gatsby or Cuban , it is a nail art characterized by an inverted bezel placed near the cuticle , which can be colored with a different shade compared to the rest of the nail or it can be left empty, to create an interesting contrast effect. Versatile and simple to make, the half moon technique lends itself well to both delicate manicures with neutral or nude colors, and more rock manicures with dark and glitter nail polishes. Denim effect manicure
@Shutterstock Denim nail art is
the latest trend amongbeauty addicted that depopulated on social networks and on the catwalks. Original and creative, denim nails take their cue from timeless blue jeans for a casual but trendy manicure. Its tones, halfway between blue and gray, are particularly suitable for enhancing short nails, and are suitable for both basic and more experimental manicures made with texturizing enamels and applications of studs and beads. Cut out nails
@Shutterstock The cut out
style also arrives in nail art : similar to Negative Space Manicurewhich was fashionable some time ago, cut-out nails are characterized by geometric lines and designs that allow a glimpse of the natural nail to amaze with unexpected effects; a simple but high-impact solution, perfect for giving character to short nails. Nail ideas for the holidays
If you love to always be fashionable and show off a different look for every occasion, here are some interesting ideas to make your nails the real stars of the upcoming holidays! The festive themed nail trends feature sparkling shades , sparkling applications and imaginative nail art that recall the bubbly atmosphere of this time of year. Sparkly Snowflake Nail Art
PerChristmas it will be impossible to give up the classic red and gold nails , with a sprinkle of glitter and ad hoc designs, they are always ideal to shine during the holidays. You can enrich your manicure in many different ways: drawings, stickers, sequins, micro jewels and rhinestones are essential accessories for a Christmas themed manicure. If, on the other hand, you want to try something more original, the latest trends have what’s right for you: electric blue is the Pantone of the year and is also popular in manicures. The timeless elegance of blue translates into pearl enamels on which silver snowflakes , ice stalactites and crystals stand outapplied, to give your nails a chic and sophisticated look, which will make your Christmas truly unforgettable. Metallic, gold and silver
enamels @Shutterstock
Metallic colors are the real must have of this festive period: golden or silver enamels are very versatile and can be combined with an almost infinite assortment of colors; the metal effect is perfect both as a base for stamping and nail art, and as a detail to embellish an accent nailand give an edge to sober and refined manicures. Absolutely to try for New Year’s Eve are the nails with metallic highlights on a matt base, or the nude manicure with gold or silver arabesques to create unexpected contrasts. The protagonists of the trend are undoubtedly gold and silver, but even more daring shades such as cobalt blue , emerald green and purple take pride of place.

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