An opinion has never been as unanimous as this: we all want 2020 to be over once and for all . The worst year we remember is finally over and we couldn’t be happier. It is true that uncertainty also surrounds 2021 and that we are not sure that next year will be better, but knowing that 2020 is over and that 2021 seems to give us some hope is a relief.
At this point, it is more than likely that we have already consulted our horoscope for 2021, we need the stars to take our side and what better way than to ask the signs of the zodiac . In order not to leave anything to chance, we will also be clear about the New Year’s Eve rituals with which we will try to attract good luck .and that if you have to receive 2021 on one leg and with yellow panties, we will be the first to do so. Despite being aware of all the rituals and astral designs, we may not have controlled the last aspect to take into account if we want to attract good luck this 2021 .
In addition to our rituals, it is essential to receive the year with the right color according to your zodiac sign. If each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, you should know that it also has its own color. So that you receive 2021 with the correct colors, we tell you what color you should wear on New Year’s Eve according to your zodiac sign.

Red, the color of Aries
Independent, adventurous, passionate and sometimes very impulsive, Aries are pure fire. Therefore, among all the colors, the one we recommend for Aries is red . This color, in addition to being very flattering, is a way of attracting luck and keeping the incandescent spirit of Aries alive and free. Red for New Year’s Eve, for a day when luck must be on your side or to make it clear that Aries, wherever he goes, is a knockout.

Green, the color of Taurus

Stubborn, perfectionist and loyal, Tauruses have a special connection with nature. Without being particularly dreamy or appealing to the irrational, Taurus are based on hope, which is why their color is green .
This tone allows Taurus to stay connected with their most irrational side and with that free spirit that flows like the wind in the middle of the forest. Green for New Year’s Eve, green to calm that nerve that enters Taurus when things get out of his control and green so that hope continues in Taurus’ life and connects him with what he is and does not know.

Purple, the color of Gemini

Creativity, indecision, reverie and duality are the traits that define Gemini, who lives in constant internal conflict. His dual personality makes Gemini constantly seek balance and stability , something that is sometimes complicated by his strong personality. For them it is purple, a color with which they will attract the balance and stability so desired.
This color should not only be present at New Year’s Eve, it can be a talisman when making decisions and to let the creative and imaginative side flow that Geminis do not always want to bring out, even if it is a gift.

Marron, the color of Cancer

The pillar of those around him, strength, perseverance and tremendously sensitive , although they never show it in public. Cancer carries the weight of the world on its shoulders and needs strength to continue doing so because it will never give it up, even if it becomes more and more uphill.
Therefore, the brownit’s your colour. This tonality, which represents the force of nature, serves as a talisman for Cancer and becomes that impulse to continue being a pillar and, in addition, to recognize all its virtues and feel proud.

Gold, the color of Leo

Natural, charismatic and tremendously attractive leaders, Leos shine wherever they go. Although that personality makes those born under this sign not tolerate criticism or recognize their mistakes so as not to lose their charm. For them it is the color gold , a tone related to kings and with which to remember that brightness is never eternal and that, despite an overwhelming personality , it is the other signs that give Leo that privileged place.
Even if you are up, everything that goes up, comes down, and Leo can go from shining to being dull if he is not humble before others. Gold will help you keep your feet on the ground .

White, the color of Virgo

Simple, logical, practical and very organized, Virgos need a connection with the purity of their spirit. Dominated by pragmatism, Virgos forget the pure nature of their being and white is the color that can help them connect with that inner self.
Virgo needs to connect with purity and attract good vibrations to forget about logic and discover all that is good in him. The white color at New Year’s Eve will fill Virgo with positivity, but it will also be a key color with whichhave faith in yourself throughout 2021.

Gray, the color of Libra

Indecision and the constant search for balance make Libra its own enemy. You need to find yourself, reorient yourself and feel that you have hit the mark, which is why gray is the color of Libra. Coquettish and elegant, Librans see in their physical appearance the impulse with which they can make decisions . If they look good, they will have the strength to make a determination.
Gray , a color that symbolizes elegance, is the tone that Libra needs to have the necessary harmony that gives it stability .and help you take the necessary steps in your life. For Libra, any decision is a world, so gray will be very present in their clothing next year.

Black, the color of Scorpio

Introverted, thoughtful, and often existentialist, Scorpios need to be absolutely sure of something before they do it. Their imagination and great sense of competitiveness make them unstoppable in the creative field and sometimes they surround themselves with a halo of negativity that reveals the true nature of the scorpion, the animal that accompanies this sign.
Therefore, the color of Scorpio is black , the sum of all shades and the only color with which Scorpio can get rid of that negativity and let their internal emotionsflow naturally.

Pink, the color of Sagittarius

Optimistic, self-confident and very sociable, Sagittarians do not handle loneliness well and sometimes their decisions regarding love are usually not very successful. Pink , which symbolizes love, is the perfect color for Sagittarius. In
addition to being a hue with which to attract positive energy (which is always a plus for Sagittarius), pink is the color that will help Sagittarius to focus when making sentimental decisions and thus be able to hit the mark. Sagittarius will love it, since pink also attracts love very strongly .

Blue, the color of Capricorn
Sincere, somewhat stubborn and very honest, Capricorns are usually very intelligent people who seek acceptance from others, especially in social matters. They need to feel in harmony and be able to show off their mental qualities, that’s why blue is their color.
In addition to being a very flattering tone, blue will help Capricorn to connect with everything around him and thus be able to feel in harmony with himself. Being in control of the situation is something that worries Capricorn and blue, which is water, will help everything flow and not cause anxiety.

Purple, the color of Aquarius
Popular and with people skills, Aquarius are the kings in any social event. They love to be surrounded by people with whom they can bring out their overwhelming personality . Although in privacy they become more insecure.
For this reason, purple is the color of Aquarius, because with it you can control both situations and benefit greatly from both. Purple is a strong color but it does not overshadow the rest of the shades and that is what Aquarius is looking for, to have strength, to let the rest shine and to be able to continue shining when they feel insecure.

Turquoise, the color of Pisces
Idealists and dreamers, Pisces need an eternal talisman with which to attract luck. Despite their dreamy spirit, Pisces sometimes need to regain confidence in themselves and, above all, in humanity.
The setbacks of life make them lose faith completely, that’s why they need a support with which to trust again that everything will be fine. Turquoise , a color with which the Goddess Fortune is very familiar, is the tone that will become that eternal talisman that Pisces needs.

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