For those who love having friends for dinner, cooking rich lunches and “pampering” the family and guests, a professional and obligatory kitchen. It serves to feel like a chef, but within the walls of your own home.
But what are the characteristics of a professional domestic kitchen ?
What are the tools and appliances that you really cannot miss
? Let’s find out together. Professional domestic kitchen, steel is the best choice
The best material for a professional domestic kitchen is steel (it is no coincidence that restaurant kitchens are just like that). Its advantages are in fact infinite: it is antibacterial , and neutral from a bacteriological point of view ( it does not altertherefore the taste of food), resists corrosion, shocks and heat, cleans quickly and easily, does not deteriorate when damp or wet. Obviously, it is important that the steel is stainless steel and of the highest quality: the AISI 304 alloy is the best, as it is super resistant and safe in contact with food.
Obviously, a professional steel domestic kitchen is not a cheap kitchen: it will certainly last a long time, but (unless you like the lived-in look) it also requires some maintenance to always stay shiny. Alternatively, you can choose painted or satin models. Professional home kitchen, how to organize it
And the arrangement
The ideal would be to have the fires on a central island , with the large hood placed above it. And, space and budget permitting, combine an induction hob with a classic gas stove (but, possibly, also with an immersion fryer and grill). The best refrigerator has a capacity of over 400 liters, and internal air flows for temperature optimization; the sink must be equipped with accessories such as cutting boards and kits for cutting fruit and vegetables. The perfect mixer, for a home chef, has a double barrel and delivers hot water, ready to dip pasta or rice.
Then there is an element that, in a professional domestic kitchen, is truly indispensable: the equipped column. Relying on a leading brand in the sector, such as the Italian ILVE, it is possible to have a trivalent oven (convection and grill, steam and microwave), a blast chiller (for blast chilling, defrosting, leavening and freezing) in your home. ) and vacuum packing.
Finally, cleaning is fundamental : a kitchen, whether professional or not, must be able to be cleaned quickly and easily. It must therefore have completely removable shelves, surfaces without joints, worktop with welded sink (better if capable of reducing bad smells) and perhaps be treated with a silver ion antibacterial, with high sanitizing power. Domestic professional kitchen, utensils
For a professional home kitchen, the right accessories are also indispensable. First of all you need to choose an excellent set of knives : Japanese knives are increasingly popular due to their precision, but models with ceramic, stainless steel, titanium or carbon blades are also very functional. Every food and every function needs its own knife: meat, fish, bread, fruit, vegetables, knives for cutting, for mincing, for boning, for cleaning, for mincing.
The pans must be in aluminum and with long handles: they are the lightest and most versatile, as they adapt to the most different types of cooking, and have an excellent quality / price ratio.
Among other utensils and small appliances, the garbage disposal, the fryer, the blender and the food processor cannot be missing.
Once your professional domestic kitchen has been furnished, and equipped with everything a budding chef needs, it is possible to prepare recipes worthy of a restaurant. With the certainty of optimizing time for both preparation and cleaning.

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