Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages causes what we popularly know as a hangover , that is, the appearance of a series of symptoms that cause discomfort in our body. These symptoms can range from the inability to eat or drink due to dehydration and severe headache, to the continual feeling of dizziness and nausea. However, despite knowing the possible consequences of excessive alcohol intake, people prefer to have fun and therefore do not stop when it comes to finding a remedy or resource to reduce the aforementioned effects.
The vast majority of remedies to reduce it consist of adequately treating all its symptoms, that is, for example, dehydration is treated with the consumption of liquids; headache with analgesics and stomach pain is fixed with antacids. Some of the advice to fight against all the symptoms consists of the intake of substances that reduce the changes in the metabolism that alcohol has caused , this means that it is appropriate to drink tea, coffee, isotonic drinks and foods rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants.
Therefore, it is evident that any food, supplement or compound capable of increasing the strength of the enzymes that eliminate alcohol from our body will help us fight a hangover. Another important issue also involves takingdetoxifiers that help the liver in its primary function, that of eliminating toxic components of food and beverages.


An example of a food that increases the strength of the enzymes that eliminate alcohol is seen in asparagus. Asparagus is very suitable for a hangover because it is made up of a series of compounds that are capable of gradually reducing the oxidative activity of alcohol.
And regarding foods that increase the functioning of the detoxifying mechanisms of the liver, we can find fruits and vegetables, moreover, the vast majority of vegetables also have the function of preventing the oxidative process produced by excessive alcohol consumption. .
In conclusion, despite existing and knowing how it is possible to control the discomfort caused by a hangover, the excessive and massive intake of any element, whether it is an alcoholic beverage or a food, can cause damage to the liver that is totally avoidable through a healthy diet. balanced and also rich in fruit and vegetables.

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