Taking a dog for a walk is not the same as simply “taking it out” to the street to do its basic needs and come home. All dogs need a minimum daily physical activity , no matter what breed it is.
In fact, before adopting a dog, the first thing you should consider is whether you will have time to care for it, since they are not pets like cats that do not need to leave the house and are very independent. Experts say that sharing quality time with your dog and exercising is essential for them to develop correctly.

Not taking it out for a walk has many negative consequences on the health, coexistence and character of the dog , since it really is a necessity.

Consequences of not taking your pet for a walk

Health problems: Like humans, dogs need physical exercise to stay fit and avoid long-term problems, even more so if they are hyperactive or are a breed that needs a lot of activity such as the braco, border collie or german shepherd.
Socialization problems : If your dog never goes outside for more than 5 minutes to relieve himself, it is unlikely that he will interact with other people or other dogs. It is essential for their development to learn to relate to other individuals, if not it can affect their character.
Not having a relationship with you: Although every dog ‚Äč‚Äčloves its owner, it is true that going for a walk is a physical exercise for them but also a mental one since it must follow your orders. Communication is vital and during your walks, he will not only explore, socialize and relieve stress, but he will also feel closer to you.
It will not learn guidelines : As we have just commented, the communication between a dog and its owner is fundamental and the exit is one of the ways to carry it out. When you go out for a walk, the dog faces new situations and we must guide him so that his behavior is positive. Over time you will have clear guidelines for what you can and cannot do.

How many times should we walk a day

First of all you should know thatA puppy usually needs to go out more times than an adult , since in most cases it still does not control where to relieve itself. Some puppies go out up to 6 or 7 times a day to avoid peeing/pooping at home, although those walks are a little shorter than usual.
In addition, each dog is different and depending on the breed, age or physical activity that he is used to doing, he will need to go out more or less often. Even so, the ideal is to take him out for a walk about 3 times a day and that at least one of those walks last about 30 minutes . In this way we will avoid those bad consequences that we have just told.

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