Love pandoro or panettone more
Whatever your taste, you certainly know that some are better than others in terms of quality and price. A very recent ranking by Altroconsumo reveals which are the healthiest, best and cheapest Christmas sweets. The best panettone of 2020
We are spoiled for choice because the large distribution (and not only) offers us many brands of panettone. But which is the right one, better and more convenient
«In the face of so many alternatives available on the market, it has become rather difficult to make the right choice. To help you bring the best panettone to the table for Christmas 2020, we tested 12 brands purchased in supermarkets and online – explain the Altroconsumo experts. In addition to the laboratory tests, for the tasting we relied in two different tests on the judgment of expert pastry chefs and ordinary consumers, who helped us to draw up the complete ranking ». The difference between a “normal” panettone and a quality one
How do you distinguish a “normal” panettone from a high quality one
According to Altroconsumo experts, it is not necessary to be a pastry chef to notice the difference. However, we must pay attention to some details. The first is the shape: it must have that mushroom-like characteristic. That is, it must overflow from the paper wrapping. The rind, on the other hand, must have a uniform color and must be compact. It must not be scorched on the surface. The cup that contains it, on the other hand, must be sufficiently rigid. But it is at the cut that you really see if we have made a good purchase: you must immediately feel the extreme softness. The pasta must not have holes and the bottom must not be even slightly burnt. Finally, as soon as it is opened, the typical alveoli of non-homogeneous size and position should be noted. The real pandoro has butter
Also pay attention to the ingredients. The true Pandoro to be such must necessarily contain butter. If it contains other fats – even so-called natural ones – it cannot be considered a true pandoro. Even the panettone must contain only butter and no other fats. And then, only other high quality ingredients, egg yolk, candied fruit, raisins, natural yeast and sugar. Here is a “typical” label for an excellent quality panettone:

  • butter (minimum 16%);
  • wheat flour;
  • natural yeast;
  • category “A” chicken eggs (minimum 4% in yolk);
  • raisins and candied citrus peel (orange and cedar – minimum quantity 20%);
  • sugar;
  • sale.

The ranking of the best panettone of 2020
Thanks to laboratory tests – which also assessed the presence of mold and possible contamination – analysis of labels, judgment of pastry chefs and final consumers, Altroconsumo has drawn up a ranking of the best Italian panettone of 2020. Here what they are: The three best Italian panettone

  1. The Graces of Esselunga
  2. Fior Fiore Coop
  3. The Tre Marie

The high quality panettone

  1. Vergani panettone Milan
  2. Maina the great hazelnut
  3. Cova & C Classic Panettone
  4. Bauli the classic panettone
  5. Balocco the almond
  6. Carrefour extra panettone
  7. Motta the original panettone

Panettone of medium quality

  1. Paluani soft panettone classic recipe
  2. Panettone Duca Moscati Eurospin

It is important to underline that Le Grazie di Esselunga is also one of the cheapest panettone. As evidence of the fact that the high price is not always an indication of excellent quality.

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