You Can Use Plants to Decorate Your Bathroom
We’ve already talked about indoor plants, looking at which ones are best for today’s homes. However, we did not dwell on this very particular room, which often follows its own rules. In this article we want to answer your question and also give you some advice.
As you may have guessed, yes: you can use plants in the bathroom and indeed, in some cases it is even recommended. In fact, plants for the bathroom help to decorate the room and make it more relaxing, with benefits for the body and mind. Let’s see how to put this into practice:

  • What are the dangers to plants in the bathroom
  • The most suitable species to become “bath plants”
  • How to use plants to decorate the bathroom
  • The benefits of plants for the bathroom

What are the dangers to plants in the bathroom
Not all plants should be put in the bathroom . As mentioned at the beginning, in fact, this room has unique characteristics compared to the rest of the house. Certain “non-bath” plants could therefore suffer in such a location. Because

  • Lack of light . It depends a lot on the bathroom, but it tends to be a dark room. There is usually only one window, often too small to illuminate the whole environment. Inside, therefore, a perennial penumbra reigns, which could put various plant species in difficulty.
  • Humidity . The bathroom is the wettest room in the house, even wetter than the kitchen. Some plants in the bathroom may poorly tolerate excess water in the air and rot.
  • Sudden changes in temperature . The bathroom is also the room with the greatest temperature range, as anyone who has ventured out of the shower in winter knows. Being a room heated less than others, the temperature fluctuates with the hot water used.
  • Sprays and deodorants . While you wash, it’s easy for a splash or splash of deodorant to go where it shouldn’t. In the long run, this damages the plants in the bathroom.

The most suitable species to become “bath plants”
The best plants for the bath are small tropical plants , which do not need a lot of soil. The species in question are born in fact in dark and humid environments, making their way among many other plants. The only criticism could be the temperature, not always optimal for plants that often love the heat. We therefore offer you a list of the best.

  • Sweet pea , not to be confused with edible pea. It needs little light, little space and a lot of humidity: the perfect bathroom plant. While sweet peas love water, they fear waterlogging – make sure the soil is well drained.
  • Zamioculcas or Gem of Zanzibar . Originally from Tanzania, she loves humidity and fears the direct sun: ideal in the bathroom. Make sure you place it in a warm spot, where the temperature never drops below 10 ° C. Water it a couple of times a month and make sure there is no water left in the saucer.
  • Aspidistra . It does not need light, water, space and tolerates cold well: the perfect bath plant, suitable even for the worst gardeners. Place pebbles in the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage and choose a soil based on sand and peat.
  • Bambu , the plant for the bathroom par excellence . If you want to follow the principles of Feng Shui, place it in front of a reflective surface. Otherwise, just choose a dim corner.

How to use plants to decorate the bathroom
The choice of plants to use to decorate the bathroom also depends on the use you want to make of them. If your intention is to keep them on the windowsill, you can sleep peacefully. However, there are many ideas to experiment, some of which require a little more painstaking choice. Here are some ideas for your “jungle” bathroom. Jungle inside the shower
Putting plants inside the shower is difficult but not impossible. Just remember that not all showers lend themselves to such a project. Neither are all plants, this is obvious.
To make a little jungle in the shower , you need a niche. By placing it inside, the plant will be protected from both the jets of hot water and the shampoo. Also, make sure that the niche is wide enough so that the plant is not completely closed on all sides.
The best bathroom plants to put in the shower are ferns : they need a lot of humidity and can hardly stand the light. A green bathroom
If you have a bathtub instead of a shower, using plants to decorate the bathroom becomes much easier. In the case of a freestanding bathtub , arrange pots and small green shelvesall around. Both small plants and slightly taller plants work well. To accentuate the “pond in the middle of the jungle” effect even more, hang hanging plants right above the tub. But make sure the ceiling is high enough to prevent them from burning with the steam.
If the tub is not freestanding, you can arrange the plants on the free sides . Even the edge of the tub can become a perfect support point for small pots of bathroom plants. But be careful not to hit them too often with jets of boiling or soapy water. Pops of Color This is a simple but effective
way of keeping bathroom plants . Sweet pea seedling system insmall terracotta pots . If possible, choose colors to coordinate with the bathroom walls or range in a rainbow of buds. At this point, place the jars in all the places that are usually forgotten. The sink, the tub edge and the shelves are the best areas. Just watch out for spots that are too close to the heater or any hot jets. The benefits of plants for the bathroom
But you might ask yourself a question: why keeping plants in the bathroom is
not too complicated
And then what benefits you would get from doing it
In reality, using plants to decorate the bathroom can improve your life in many small ways.

  • Add color to an often aseptic room, despite being one of the most used. In this way, the bathroom turns into a small wellness center in your home: a place to relax, recover from the fatigue of the day or prepare for the upcoming challenges.
  • Unleash your imagination by inventing new design solutions for an often overlooked room.
  • Purify the air . As already mentioned in the past, apartment plants absorb part of the toxins present in the air and purify it. This also applies to plants for the bathroom .
  • Perfume the environment . The smells in the bathroom are not always pleasant, including bodily functions and dirty clothes to wash. Plants like sweet pea eliminate bad smell naturally.
  • Carve out more space for your plants . If you are a greenery freak and don’t have a garden, space for plants is never enough! Taking advantage of the bathroom also allows you to expand your home garden.

And if the bathroom has no windows, don’t
worry: use dry plants and decorate it with bouquets of cut flowers . The important thing is to bring some greenery to this corner of the house as well.

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