If you have a Samsung Smart TV you can find the best Android applications at www.android-spa.com . Although it is true that one of the strong points of the brand has to do with its operating system, it also offers a store with applications. It is ideal to install all kinds of solutions and get the most out of this television.
Obviously, the platform offers a world full of possibilities, but what matters is downloading and using those that are free. There are very useful apps, although this TV model already comes with other pre-installed applications.

The best free apps for Samsung Smart TV
It is time to learn about some of the best applications to get the most out of Samsung Smart TV.


Netflix is one of the favorite applications to install on television. This streaming service to watch movies and television series has become very popular. The application works quite well and there is very little difference from the version offered for mobile phones or tablets.


Plex is another application for Samsung Smart TV that should be downloaded. Your system is capable of connecting to servers remotely. So through the mobile phone or a computer you can access all the contents that one has stored to play them on television.

You may not know the Wiseplay app , but at www.demidoes.net we provide you with much more information. Just tell you that its way of working is very simple. You just have to download and then search the lists to access the channels and content. Another of its advantages is that you can use virtual reality glasses because it allows you to watch VR videos.

YouTube channel

There is not the slightest doubt that the YouTube channelIt is one of the most important elements in any television. The Google content channel is the ideal option for the whole family. The offer is very wide and its navigation is very simple and intuitive. The little ones can watch the cartoons, the youngest enjoy with the latest youtubers and those who are passionate about cooking can learn to make exquisite dishes offered by the best chefs.


Karaoke lovers are in luck. The K-Box app is a very appealing option for all those who want to have a good time with family or friends. All you have to do is download and access the database with more than 12,000 songs. A very easy way to enjoy music and hits of all time.

RTVE Telesport

RTVE Teledeporte is another free application that cannot be missing in those homes where they like sporting events. The app offers live and recorded events with high quality. A great offer in all kinds of disciplines and competitions, both national and international.
In short, the Samsung Smart TV offers many possibilities to enjoy movies, series, sports, games, entertainment, etc. Simply, you have to find the corresponding application to start enjoying.

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