• All the benefits of sex for the health and well-being of the body
  • 4 benefits of sex for men
  • The consequences of sexual abstinence
  • Benefits of sex: the effects of masturbation
  • Sexual activity: what connection is there with the risk of mortality
  • Benefits of sex: data and conclusions from the study

All the benefits of sex for the health and well-being of the body It is good for the
heart, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress
, improves sleep quality and mood .
The concept is now well established: sexual activity has many positive implications
for health, both physical and mental.
The concept is valid for both women
and men, but for the latter it represents much more than a simple need, among
the benefits of sex we also find the health
of the male genital system
and the improvement
of its productive capacity.
. The sexual benefitsbut there are also others, a healthy sexual activity would protect
man from contracting a series of pathologies and would make him even more fertile. 4 benefits of sex for men
Sexual activity is very important for men. In fact, on a physiological level there are many
benefits and we must not forget that
above all ejaculating is good for men.

  1. Extends sex life . To have a long and fulfilling sex life, a man must keep his penis in shape through erections and frequent ejaculations .In this way the atrophy of the male organ is avoided. The ideal would be to have intercourse at least three times a week to avoid the onset of sexual problems in the course of life, for example erectile deficit. When it is not possible to have intercourse, one can resort to autoeroticism, with masturbation .
  2. Improve prostate health . Ejaculation plays an important role in prostate health. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, ejaculating decongests the prostate gland, reducing the risk of developing cancer. According to recent studies, men who have regular sex have about a 30% lower chance of developing prostate cancer . Furthermore, frequent ejaculations would also allow the prostate to eliminate any microcalcifications from the duct and carcinogens.
  3. Increase your testosterone level . Healthy sexual activity leads to an increase in the production of testosterone , which strengthens bones and muscles and in turn stimulates sexual desire.
  4. It improves the reproductive capacity . Sex keeps the male reproductive system and its fertility healthy as it improves sperm motility.

The consequences of sexual abstinence
The benefits of sex are
evident, it is good not only for mood, but also for health, preventing the
risk of pathologies. In short
, sexual activity can be defined as the conduct of health and can
also act as an indicator of the state of general health.
Male sexual
can be
detrimental to a man’s overall health. The cases can be different
and varied, for example:

  • Prolonged sexual abstinence can lead to blockage of the blood vessels in the penis and a decrease in testosterone levels .
  • The male genital system ages faster if it is not trained, with consequent negative effects also on a neurological level.
  • Problems can then be found at the level of ejaculation intensity.
  • For example, male sexual abstinence can be related to the onset of prostate cancer and other problems related to the reproductive sphere.

Benefits of Sex: The Effects of Masturbation
For both men and women the
practice of masturbating has obvious
and recognized benefits. Masturbating is
a healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Masturbation is good because:

  • It reduces stress.
  • Improves the mood and quality
    of the are.
  • Reduces the risk of
    prostate cancer, improves sexual health.

There has been much
discussion on the effects of masturbation . Science has found itself having to dispel several
negative claims, such as that masturbating
is bad for the heart
or that masturbating
once a day is bad for
you .
In reality there is no frequency that
can be defined as normal and as we have already said, masturbating is good because it has positive effects on a
physiological level and we can therefore say that, like sexual activity, masturbating is good for the heart . that some
habits, such as not
ejaculating, hurts
because it can cause reduced desire,
delayed ejaculation, and even erectile deficiency.Sexual activity: what link is there with the risk of mortality
As reported in a recent
article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a potential link
has been discovered
between sexual activity and the risk of
. The connection covers both all-cause
mortality and cancer mortality.
Previous studies have
suggested that sexual activity
can be good for health, quality of life and general well-being.
However, the existence of a relationship between sexual activity and mortality had not been clarified .
The current study was
carried out in the United States, using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination (NHANES). The
researchers looked at information on the sexual behavior of 15,269 subjects between the ages of 20
and 59, collected over a time span from 2005 to 2016. The
NHANES sample included 7,765 males and 7,504 females with a mean age of 39. years.
Respondents answered questions about their sexual habits during
the previous 12 months.
Most of the
participants had sexual intercourse at a frequency between 2 and 11 times a year up to 52-103 times a year. Roughly 7% said they had
performed sexual activity once or not; while 14% engaged in
sexual activity 104 or more times in the previous year. Sexual frequency was
similar for both men and women.Benefits of Sex: Study Data and Conclusions
Mortality data
were collected from 12,598 participants, with a median follow-up of
5.7 years. 228 people died
in the analyzed period . There were 69 deaths
from cancer, while 29 died from cardiovascular disease.
In the picture, on the sample of middle-aged adults residing in the United States, it suggests that sexual activity may be an indicator of health when related to data on mortality from all causes and from cancer . Frequent sexual activity was found to be associated with areduced mortality from all causes. Death rates for deaths related to cardiovascular disease and cancer were lower for those who had sexual activity at least 52 times a year, compared to those who had sex only once a year or not at all.
There are several hypotheses that
explain the link between sexual activity
and better
general health. For example, sexual activity can be
compared to physical exercise. Additionally, endorphins ,
chemicals that promote
, are released during sexual activity . Sharing intimacy with your partner ultimately has
overall health benefits.
It is possible that early symptoms
of the disease may predict a decline in sexual activity before the
condition is diagnosed.
A cause and effect relationship between sex and mortality could not be assessed .

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