Here is how Brothers of Italy and exponents of Forza Italia press the highest institutions on the Copasir presidency (now the prerogative of the League with Raffaele Volpi) in opposition.
One can think of “proposing to Draghi that he issue a decree-law, signed by Minister Cartabia, to create an automatic forfeiture of the president” of Copasir “upon a change of majority, which provides for the passage of a president elected in minority stake to the majority “. This is what Fabio Rampelli, Fdi group leader in the House said, speaking during a press conference on the subject of the Copasir presidency in the Senate.
A press conference organized at Palazzo Madama by some constitutionalists promoters of the open letter addressed to presidents Fico and Casellati, on the non-renewal of Copasir, and presented in recent days. From the initial 37 we have reached 51 including constitutionalists, jurists and political scientists. Among them the presidents emeritus of the Constitutional Court, Valerio Onida and Antonio Baldassarre (here the version of Baldassarre).
The exponent of the party chaired by Giorgia Meloni (who relies on Senator Adolfo Urso for the Copasir summit) made an indirect criticism of the presidents of the Chamber and Senate, Roberto Fico and Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati: “There is tampering in the relations between majority and opposition, the veins in the wrists tremble in the most sensitive people ”. said Rampelli, FDI group leader in the House, speaking during a press conference on the subject of the Copasir presidency in the Senate. “The presidents of the Senate and the Chamber, Casellati and Fico – added Rampelli – after their letter that he did not want to force his hand, a moral suasion, must pass to the second phase, noting that the letter did not produce the desired effects, now they can return to the issue and bring the Copasir issue into line with the provisions of the 2007 law ”.
To press Fico and Casellati and also Forza Italia (the party to which Casellati belongs): “I believe that the presidents of the chambers must intervene to dissolve the Parliamentary Security Committee and try a solution” to the current stalemate, said the senator of Forza Italy, Elio Vito who recently resigned from the Copasir of which he was a member, to unblock the knot on the presidency and composition of Copasir which by law is up to the opposition but not yet assigned, after the new Draghi government.
“The presidents of the chambers are required to intervene, as did presidents Iotti and Fanfani – added Vito – then for a simple question of incompatibility and not for a question of law, as and in this case”. Then he cited a precedent dating back to the eighth legislature: “A commission of inquiry was set up on the via Fani massacre, the kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro and some deputies and senators raised a question about the incompatibility of the presence of a member . They did this repeatedly and even abandoned the work, until the situation was resolved. Subsequently – continued the senator – the president of the commission at the time, faced with the announcement of the resignation of some members, realized that the commission was no longer in a position to operate.
Vito concluded: “With my resignation (because it is unacceptable to continue working like this and to accept the appeal made by Salvini) and with the absence of the senator and vice president of the Committee, Adolfo Urso who is also the only representative of opposition, today the functionality of Copasir is clearly compromised and Parliament is obliged to intervene “.

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