Venice is a dream city, full of charm, monuments, art, life and even good food!
Lagoon cuisine is not just between bacari and spritz, but also includes dishes rich in tradition , super greedy combinations with an intense flavor that you absolutely must try!
From appetizer to dessert, here are the 10 best dishes to be enjoyed directly from the “Serenissima” kitchen.

1 – Baccala mantecato
Photo of [1]. A pleasantly original version of the “usual” cod that we are used to eating, which becomes a pleasant appetizer or a “spearhead” of Venetian aperitifs. The trick lies in the processing of the raw material:which, simply accompanied by toasted bread or polenta, becomes a pleasant snack on the palate.

  • Recommended : as an appetizer or aperitif
  • Average cost : about € 12.00
  • Main ingredients : cod, milk, parsley, garlic, oil

2 – Risi e Bisi
As it is known, the northern part of the boot is a leader in the cultivation and preparation of courses in which rice is the main ingredient. Venice is no exception which, with simplicity but with skill in mixing flavors and textures, has made this dish a cornerstone of its gastronomy , in great demand by tourists from all over the world. It is rice with peas , or the bisi, whose recipe, which may seem apparently simple, has been patented! Risi e bisi are the perfect creamy balance between a soup and a simple risotto .

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €14.00
  • Main ingredients : rice, bacon, peas

3 – Venetian liver
As popular as it is difficult to imitate, and this second course of meat!
The dish has an intense flavor , where you will find the contrast of veal liver , cooked only with butter, with the sweet taste of onion (one of the main ingredients of Venetian cuisine).
Accompanied with polenta it becomes a tasty dish, which satisfies and satisfies even the most demanding palates.

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €14.00
  • Main ingredients : veal liver, onion, butter

4 – Fritole A

typical dessert of the Venetian carnival , but in great demand at any time of the year, are these fried balls of dough topped with pine nuts and raisins or stuffed inside with cream or zabaglione.
Prepared for the first time in the 18th century, they are still considered the typical dessert of the Serenissima.

  • Recommended : as a dessert after a meal or as a snack
  • Average cost : €2.00
  • Main ingredients : flour, pine nuts, powdered sugar, zabaglione

5 – Polenta e schie
Photo by Joel Mann. Together with onion, polenta is one of the most used ingredients in Venetian cuisine. In this combination with schie (small gray lagoon shrimps), the yellow or white flour-based food rediscovers unprecedented potential, giving the mouth a pleasant and decisive flavor. The fish-polenta combination works, and how!

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €18.00
  • Main ingredients : polenta, schie

6 – Castradina
It was defined as a dish “de obligo su le tole, both of the povareti and of the siori, nobles or merchants” or obligatory on the tables of rich and poor.
It is an ancient traditional dish, it is a mutton and cabbage soup brought to the table and enjoyed on the eve of the feast of the Madonna della Salute.
The mutton, imported from Albania and Dalmatia, was salted, smoked and dried in the sun and then sold. Today you can taste in various taverns in the city, a dish with about 400 years of history absolutely not to be missed!

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €25.00
  • Main ingredients : salted mutton, cabbage, onion

7 – Bigoli in sauce
A first course with a full-bodied flavor, made with a pasta like spaghetti (but thicker) in durum wheat served with a special onion and sardine sauce . Once served at the Christmas Eve dinner, today it is possible to order it in any restaurant, at any time of the year.

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : bigoli, sardines, onions

8 – Sarde in saor
Photo of fugzu. Sardinian is a fish that boasts numerous interpretations in Venetian cuisine. Among these, noteworthy are the sardines in saor, essential components of a “serenissimo” appetizer. The fish is simply marinated in onion and vinegar , then flavored with raisins and pine nuts and fried and tasted hot, to best savor the sweet and sour aroma .

  • Recommended for : lunch or dinner (as an appetizer)
  • Average cost : €10.00
  • Main ingredients : sardines, vinegar, onions, raisins

9 – Zaeti, Baicoli and Bussolai
In the Venetian confectionery tradition there are biscuits of all kinds .
The zaeti , or gialletti, are so called for the unmistakable yellow color given by the use of corn flour in the dough , they are tasty and crumbly biscuits that create a real addiction!

Baicoli are very thin and dry traditional biscuits , made of few ingredients and easy to keep. Perfect with eggnog!
Another typical dry biscuit are the bussolai, typical of Burano , with a dough rich in eggs, sugar and flour and flavored with anise or rum. They have the typical S shape or round.

  • Recommended for : snack
  • Average cost : about € 1.50
  • Main ingredients : flour, butter, egg, sugar

10 – Moeche, Masanete and Granseola
The fishermen, during spring and autumn, use their trezze, nets placed in the shallows of the lagoon, to collect the moeche, or the lagoon crabs which, precisely in the intermediate seasons, are found in the moult phase, and lose their shells , becoming one of the favorite foods of the locals!
The moeche are the male of the crab, however, the masanete are the females. These have a different period of moulting (usually in the summer season) but are fished in the autumn because they are full of eggs, hence the name “masanete col coral”. They are usually boiled and seasoned with oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Often they are accompanied by polenta, but the true traditional recipe wants the moeche to comefloured and fried ! A crunchy and tasty bite a must try!
The term spider crab derives from granso (crab) and seola (onion). It is a very large crab, as delicious as lobster! In Venetian cuisine it is simply blanched and seasoned with oil, lemon and parsley.

  • Recommended : lunch, dinner
  • Average cost: moeche € 5.00 / € 7.00 per piece; granseola from € 25.00
  • Main ingredients : moeche, flour and oil; spider crab, oil, parsley and lemon

Where to eat in Venice: cheap restaurants, typical bars and street food
Venice is not only interesting from an artistic point of view but, contrary to what one might think, it also has a varied and exquisite cuisine whose courses range from “cicchetti”, small variegated morsels made from any ingredient, for first and second courses.

The Rialto Market is a good refreshment point if you are in a hurry and prefer street food and low prices, while the Cannaregio district (the former Jewish ghetto) with its wide range of taverns, inns and restaurants, is a great place to enjoy typical lunches and dinners far from the mass tourism that populates the San Marco district. Here are the best places to eat in Venice .

1 – Gia Schiavi Wine Cellars (Al Bottegon)

  • Description : legendary bacaro where food and drinks are consumed standing up. Every day around 60 different cicchetti are offered to choose from, at € 1.20 each.
  • Specialties : cicchetti with pumpkin cream with ricotta, parmesan and julienne leeks, swordfish tartare with cocoa powder, smoked tuna with parmesan and julienne leek, Genovese pesto with mascarpone, ricotta and dried tomatoes
  • Average price : € 8.00 per person
  • Address : Fondamenta Nani 992, Dorsoduro – Get directions

2 – Ogio

  • Description : Low budget restaurant on the ground floor of a charming building that used to be the Convent of the Crociferi, near the monumental Jesuit church
  • Description :
  • Specialties : tortelli with ricotta and risotto with white asparagus
  • Average price : € 8.00 per person
  • Address : Campo dei Gesuiti, Cannaregio – Get directions

3 – Trattoria Alla Fontana

  • Description : wooden furniture with exposed beams and outdoor tables, offers typical cuisine with homemade pasta
  • Specialty : stewed cod with polenta
  • Average price : from € 35.00 per person
  • Address : Fondamenta Cannaregio, 1102 – Get directions

4 – Osteria Al Cicheto

  • Description : informal restaurant offering fixed and a la carte menus with typical dishes and local wines
  • Specialty : Venetian liver with figs
  • Average price : from € 30.00 per person
  • Address : Calle de la Misericordia, 367 / A – Get directions

5 – Oficina Ormesini Venice

  • Description : industrial furnishings, corner bar with cicchetti and Italian gourmet cuisine based on fresh fish
  • Specialty : polenta with sopressa and seasonal mushrooms
  • Average price : from € 35.00 per person
  • Address : Cannaregio, 2689 – Get directions

6 – Ristorante Vecia Cavana

  • Description : rustic but elegant restaurant with a wide choice of wines and fish-based menus, all gluten-free
  • Specialty : swordfish with herbs
  • Average price : from € 40.00 per person
  • Address : via Tera Santi Apostoli, 4624 – Get directions

7 – Very Good Bigoleria Gnoccheria

  • Description : informal place focused on bigoli and gnocchi with street food proposals such as rustics and pizza
  • Specialty : bigoli in Venetian style anchovy sauce
  • Average price : from € 12.00 per person
  • Address : Fondamenta Cannaregio, 961 – Get directions
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