• Introduction
  • Differences between losing fat and losing weight
  • The right conditions to optimize fat loss
    • Balanced nutrition
    • Sport activity
    • Mind psychologically fit
    • Hydration
    • Understanding the root of the problem
    • Speed ​​up your metabolism to burn fat
  • Burning fat through sport in an integrated way
  • List of the best sports to lose fat
  • The ideal dietary supplements for burning fat

When it comes to weight loss, there are physiological gender differences.
Let’s look, briefly, at the potential gender differences in how fat is stored and used. Current research shows that there can be gender differences in how people store and metabolize fat during rest and exercise.
It is well known that women generally have a higher body fat percentage than men. A healthy range of body fat for women is present in percentages ranging from 20% to 25%, the healthy range of body fat for men is 10% to 15%.
The distribution of body fat varies between individuals. Some people have most of their body fat in and around their abdominal area.
In women, a deposit of fat is observed in the thighs and buttocks, unlike in men, in which it is deposited mostly in the abdominal area.
Scientific explanations for the dramatic difference in body fat distribution between men and women are largely unknown, although differences in hormones, hormone receptors, and enzyme concentrations contribute.
Of course, there are also differences in how fat is metabolized and weight loss occurs differently as well. Differences between losing fat and losing weight
Many people are not fully aware of the difference between losing fat and losing weight.
Weight loss refers to a decrease in overall body weight which also includes loss of muscle mass, water and fat.
Fat loss refers to the elimination of fat, and is a more specific and healthier goal than weight loss.
However, it can be difficult to know if you are losing weight, fluids and muscle mass, or if you are losing fat.
This is why it is very important to focus on fat elimination and not weight loss.
Many weight loss programs claim to help you lose weight quickly and easily. But, they usually help you lose a significant amount of fluid and muscle.
Losing muscle mass can be harmful, as muscles are an indispensable component of your overall health.
Maintaining a healthy percentage of muscle has several benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels, maintaining healthy levels of fat, such as triglycerides and cholesterol, in the blood, and controlling inflammation. The right conditions to optimize fat loss Balanced
nutrition A balanced and healthy diet is the basis of our physical health and is also the basis of the process that will lead us to lose weight in a healthy way, therefore not to lose fluids and muscle mass.
A balanced diet provides the right percentage and quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Plus, you need to eat often, as experts recommend, to keep your digestive system moving. This means that in addition to the three main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) you need to have a snack in the morning and one in the afternoon, in order not to arrive hungry at the main meals of the day.
When it comes to weight loss, it is also very important to get the right amount of protein, as it helps the muscles. But protein is an important nutrient for a number of bodily functions.
They are needed to produce enzymes that aid digestion and energy production, regulate fluid balance, and support the health of the immune system, among other functions.
Protein is also important for maintaining the muscle you already have and supporting the growth of new muscles, especially when losing weight. Sports activity
As we have mentioned, muscles play a very important role within the body. There are several studies that talk about the fat / muscle ratio, where fat is greater than muscle, with a higher incidence of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease and diabetes.
Maintaining muscle mass can also reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss, which results in frailty and potentially disability.
Also, the more muscle mass you have, the more you can burn fat at rest. This is the main reason why men generally have higher caloric needs than women.
For these reasons it is essential to practice sports and physical activity to burn fat, but at the same time it is important to train muscles and endurance. Mind psychologically fit
We know that stress negatively affects our body. Often overlooked, stress can also cause weight gain. This is why it is very important to carve out time for yourself and for your well-being, using it in activities that make us feel good.
In general, contact with nature, outdoor trips, but also an evening with friends or a dinner out can help us improve our mood and decrease our stress levels.
These are very subjective activities; in any case, we advise you to take some time for yourself at any cost, to devote to the activities that you like to do and that make you feel good.
Remember to dedicate part of this time to sport and exercise: this is also an activity that will make you feel much better. Hydration
Drinking at least two liters of water a day is a must for those who want to feel good.
Water plays a very important role within our body, and it is precious because it allows us to eliminate the toxins present in our body, improves the exchanges between cells, helps us fight water retention, as well as many other benefits. And, yes, it also indirectly helps us lose weight, because it also improves digestion and helps us feel fuller. Understanding the root of the problem
Also take time to understand why you are overweight: your diet is not balanced you
often eat out due to work commitments and you eat poorly
do not exercise
you are stressed
Understanding the reasons why we are overweight is the basis of our diet path, because it is precisely there that we need to act. Speed ​​up your metabolism to burn fat
To give concrete help to your metabolism you can first of all practice sports and exercise, drink lots of water, but also eat unprocessed and unprocessed foods and lower your stress levels. Furthermore, it is possible to stimulate the metabolism with some herbal extracts or natural substances. In this sense, natural food supplements may also be useful. Burning fat through sport in an integrated way
The best way to burn fat is physical activity: the more expensive the activity, the more fat you will burn. For this reason, if you want to burn fat in a fast but healthy way, we advise you to choose a sport that you like, but that puts you to the test from a physical point of view, in order to burn as much fat as possible.
Obviously, if you have never practiced sport in a serious way, you will need some preparation that will surely be suggested to you if you choose a team sport. In case your choice falls on something that you can do on your own, we suggest you start and gradually increase the level of physical expenditure.
By doing sports, you will need more water and more nutrients, such as proteins which will also help you to have higher energy levels.
Below is a list of sports to choose from. List of the best sports to lose fat
Sport is essential for burning fat – there is no better way to do it! Even if you have little time, try to carve out at least half an hour a day, because it is really something essential, not only for your weight loss journey, but also for general well-being.
-I swim;
-Jumping rope;
As you can see, the list contains both team sports and individual activities that can also be done at home, after work or at any other time of the day.
These are very expensive sports from a physical point of view, and for which you must also do some preparation.
Running and rope jumping are also suitable for those who work most of the day and don’t have much time. Even half an hour of running to the park near the house is good to start; even better rope jumps, which can be practiced directly at home. The ideal dietary supplements for burning fat
Natural-based food supplements, as mentioned above, can help you in your weight loss journey. These are supplements that contain natural substances such as green tea or caffeine and which allow to stimulate the metabolism and the organism in general in a completely natural way.
The only aspect to pay attention to concerns the components, in case you are allergic to something, otherwise they have no contraindications. In any case, always ask your doctor for advice regarding the doses to be taken. Incorrect dosage could have harmful effects on the body.

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