We are facing the first full week of October and we fully experience the influence of autumn on each sign of the zodiac. In that sense, the horoscope predictions for the week of October 4 to 10 seem quite positive and, although each sign of the zodiac has its own particular prediction, they are all influenced by the New Moon , which takes place on October 6 in Libra. This astral attitude favors the beginning of new beginnings with fresh and renewing air. In addition, the entry of Venus into Sagittarius on October 7 gives all zodiac signs a fun and adventurous touch in love.
But they are not the only issues related to the stars to take into account this week from October 4 to 10. How will horoscope predictions affect your zodiac sign

What position does your zodiac sign occupy in the weekly ranking

One more week, here are the keys to your weekly horoscope based on the position in the ranking of my dearest Esperanza Gracia. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week from October 4 to 10 and face the beginning of the month with all the tools to attract good luck and be the luckiest zodiac sign.

1. Gemini Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10)
Bet hard on what you want because the New Moon on the 6th puts luck on your face, and it’s time to make changes that help you enjoy love and live life more lightly, without so many worries. It is very possible that you have the possibility of going further than you dreamed. The stars open new paths for you; take the opportunities.

2. Libra weekly horoscope (from October 4 to 10)

Congratulations. With the Sun and the New Moon in your sign, the circumstances are going to be very favorable for you and you can find people to help you and give you all the cables you need. Your great curiosity and that desire to know and get to the bottom of things will open many doors for you. You would like to do things your way, and feel free as a bird.

3. Weekly horoscope for Capricorn (from October 4 to 10)

The energy of the New Moon could not be more favorable to you, and you have very positive days ahead in which you can materialize a project that was in the air. You will be very awake and communicative, and that will make your relationships improve. You will be receptive, affectionate and open to love, and all the love you give will be returned to you in spades.

4. Virgo Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10)
The Moon in your sign, on the 3rd and 4th, protects you and helps you to be successful if you start something new or take action. The energy of the New Moon can bring you work and economic improvements that will help you recover if you have gone through a difficult period. Let yourself be carried away by what you feel and spontaneously show everything that boils inside you.

5. Weekly horoscope for Aries (October 4 to 10)

You have so much energy and desire to do so many things that you run the risk of being scattered and losing opportunities… You need to focus and not launch yourself until you are clear about what you want . The New Moon, which takes place in front of your sign, harmonizes your life and helps you resolve pending issues. You will relate very easily with people from different environments.

6. Aquarius weekly horoscope (October 4 to 10)

Under the influence of the New Moon there may be news at work or perhaps the possibility of taking a trip that will give your life a new direction. You need to be aware of your full potential, and pursue your goals relentlessly. Jupiter, the planet of luck, is still in your sign and can generate situations that fill you with joy and optimism.

7. Cancer weekly horoscope (from October 4 to 10)
This New Moon, which affects the family environment, offers you a fantastic moment to share your time with your loved ones and to iron out some issue that caused tensions. It can also bring you news that will have a favorable impact on your home life. Let your feelings flow naturally, without forcing situations.

8. Weekly horoscope for Leo (from October 4 to 10)

The New Moon contributes to fluid communication and you can better understand yourself with others and smooth tensions. Get advice before starting a business that may not be as beneficial as you expect. From the 7th, the good aspects of Venus will make you very adventurous and open to love, willing to enjoy life to the fullest. The 2nd is your magical day.

9. Pisces weekly horoscope (from October 4 to 10)

The New Moon transmits a very regenerative energy that can trigger changes. Do not stay anchored to the past, the time has come to leave your comfort zone to venture out and take advantage of the opportunities that are going to come. Take things as they come, without anticipating events or drawing the wrong conclusions.

10. Taurus Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10)
You may feel that you lack strength due to excessive work and responsibilities, but the New Moon comes to your aid so that you can recover from so much wear and tear. Although you may have suffered some disappointment in love, you will free yourself from those internal torments and you will recover that emotional strength that characterizes you. You can receive economic benefits that you were waiting for.

11. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10)

Some confusing situation may be upsetting you, and you may be afraid of losing something important if you take a wrong step. The New Moon encourages you to be alone with yourself to calmly analyze what you feel, think and want. You will find in your environment more support than you had imagined, but watch out for envy. On the 7th and 8th the Moon in your sign protects you.

12. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10)

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