It’s time to say goodbye to August and welcome the month of September with enthusiasm and, in that sense, the signs of the zodiac do it in style. Horoscope predictions for the week of August 30 to September 5 are marked by the last quarter Moon in Gemini on August 30. This astral situation can weaken us, but it also invites us to leave behind what conditions us and open ourselves to the new. Venus in Libra brings out our most social and charming side .
But they are not the only issues related to the stars to take into account this week from August 30 to September 5. How will horoscope predictions affect your zodiac sign
What position does your zodiac sign occupy in the weekly ranking

Do we know if the stars are on our side and both the Moon and Venus will be generous with us throughout the week

One more week, here are the keys to your weekly horoscope based on the position in the ranking of my dearest Esperanza Gracia. Discover what the stars have in store for you for the final stretch of August, with all the tools to attract good luck and be the luckiest zodiac sign .

1. Virgo weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)
Congratulations. The powerful astral energy that you receive makes you exultant and makes you feel strong for everything. A change of attitude can make you see things that were not on your horizon before, and you will find solutions to something that was worrying you. You will be full of expectations, desires and the desire to enjoy everything that is within your reach.

2. Aries weekly horoscope (August 30 to September 5)

You may have been through a confusing and overwhelming situation, but now the winds of change are blowing and your life can take a very positive direction. It is a good time to act, to make decisions and start those projects that you have in mind. You will show yourself more passionate than ever and you will make the changes you need to activate love and live with intensity.

3. Weekly horoscope for Leo (from August 30 to September 5)

You will feel safe and confident, and your most creative vein, the one that breaks the mold, will be activated, driving you to pursue new goals and live new experiences. Good time for relationships, which will be very stimulating. And if you have a partner, you are going to solve something that was separating you. Make a wish to the Moon, on the 3rd, which is in your sign.

4. Sagittarius weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)
Those problems that were preventing you from enjoying life improve and you will regain confidence, increasing the chances of getting what you decide right. It is possible that you will be paid for some type of work or collaboration that until now you were providing for free. Fabulous time to meet new people and unleash your emotions.

5. Pisces weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)

The energy of the Last Quarter removes from your life the obstacles that separate you from your plans and helps you free yourself from obligations that do not match your philosophy of life or with the way you are. The opportunity may arise to contact people who are at the service of good causes or who are very creative and who will help you see life with different eyes.

6. Weekly Horoscope for Gemini (August 30 to September 5)

The Last Quarter in your sign helps you settle any unfinished business from the past that is painful for you. The good aspects that Mercury makes you from the 30th contribute to the flow of communication and to connecting wonderfully with those around you. It is a good time to take exams or job interviews successfully. Luck smiles at you in love.

7. Capricorn weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)
The Moon in the Last Quarter can bring you changes and you must be flexible to take advantage of them because they will favor your life. It is a good time to do teamwork and find people who help you. You will have opportunities to find love or to reconcile, if you are distancing yourself from someone you love.

8. Scorpio weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)

You will have to face changes and inconveniences that can fill you with uncertainty, but you have to be very proud of what you have achieved on your own so as not to fall apart and face life with confidence and security. Your priorities change and what used to be very important to you can now stop having it. Talking and expressing what you feel will free you from tension.

9. Libra’s weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)

With Venus in your sign, you are so seductive that you can awaken passions that lead you to experience destabilizing situations in your affective life. But on the 30th Mercury enters your sign, and his energy will make your mind very clear so that you act as is best for you. Would you like to embark on something new
You know that new directions have always been positive for you…

10. Aquarius weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)
You waste too much energy thinking about inconveniences and problems. Fortunately, the Last Quarter of the Moon is going to take away disappointments and disappointments so that you don’t get stuck in the past. The good aspects of Venus, the planet of love, favor your sentimental life, and you will begin to notice more stability and serenity in your affective relationships.

11. Cancer weekly horoscope (from August 30 to September 5)

The attitude of the people around you may not meet your expectations and you may experience uncomfortable situations. Think about what you want and act accordingly so as not to feel disappointed. There is something in your love life that is not being authentic. Only if you dare to say what you feel will things start to improve. On days 1 and 2 the Moon in your sign protects you.

12. Weekly Horoscope for Taurus (August 30 to September 5)

You need to feel safe, step on solid ground, but now your life may be a little hectic and you don’t have that vital stability for you. Listen to your heart and think of yourself because you have needs that you sometimes forget. Your economy can improve and your worries will be relieved. If you have something pending to do, try to make it the 28th, that the Moon in your sign protects you.

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