Claudia, the youngest daughter of Bertin Osborne, and José Entrecanales are already husband and wife.The couple said ‘yes, I do’ this Saturday at noon in the church of San Miguel in Jerez de la Frontera.Numerous onlookers were waiting for them at the exit of the temple, at about one o’clock, to congratulate them. The already married couple, very smiling and visibly happy, has left the place in a small two-seater electric vehicle driven by the groom himself in the direction of Finca Santiago , the scene of the subsequent celebration.
After a little over a year and a half of a discreet relationship, the daughter of the singer and presenter and the son of the executive president of Acciona have put the finishing touch to their love story. The bride’s dress, one of the best kept secrets of all links, has not disappointed. Claudia, 32 years old, was beautiful and very elegant with a design that combined the bohemian style with the romantic. Off white , the dress was studded with hundreds of small embroidered pearls , had a strapless neckline and a small train.
The youngest of the Osborne has also opted for a fine layer of silk with a long trainto cover their shoulders as protocol dictates in a religious ceremony. As for the bouquet, Claudia opted for a large and very personal wild flower design made up of roses, wild thistles, paniculatta and some other flowers from the area. Hair pulled back in a low jumpsuit, a jeweled choker, and simple makeup completed her bridal look.
The bride arrived a few minutes before noon at the church of San Miguel on the arm of her proud father, Bertin Osborne , happy to be able to act as best man at his daughter’s wedding. Smiling and dressed in a gray suit and dark blue checkered tie, Bertin did not stop looking at his daughter, to whom he gave all the prominence on his big day.

The bride’s sisters, Eugenia, Alejandra and Ana Cristina, very elegant too,
were waiting for them at the doors of the temple to help fix her dress after getting out of the car. Ana Cristina (Portillo, daughter of Sandra Domecq), for example, placed her sister’s tail before entering San Miguel. Carlos, the youngest son of Bertin and Fabiola Martinez, 12 years old , has not missed this celebration either.
Minutes before Claudia, the one who is now her husband, Jose Entrecanales, had entered, to the applause and cheers of the onlookers gathered in front of the church and on the arm of her mother and godmother, Maria Carrion.
Afterwards, the ceremony has gone according to plan and the bride and groom attended the Eucharist most of the time.holding hands, in love and happy. Claudia has followed the family tradition by choosing this church of San Miguel full of memories, because her parents, Bertin Osborne and Sandra Domecq, got married there in 1977. Later, her two older sisters also married.
The writer and coach has kept her mother very present on this day. Through her Instagram account, she published an image of her parents’ wedding first thing on Saturday, which was accompanied by the following message: “Today it’s my turn, mom. How much I wish you were the one who was dressing me… how much I would like to see your face next to me at the altar… but, as you promised me, even if it is not possible for you to be there physically, you will be here holding my hand from heaven, and that is how I will feel it. Always with me”.

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