Ana Cristina Portillo stood out at the wedding in Jerez of Bertin Orbone’s daughter, Claudia, for her elegance and beauty. Ana Cristina was born as a result of the relationship between Sandra Domecq, former presenter and singer who died of cancer in 2004, with businessman Fernando Portillo.
Ana Cristina, who is very close to her three sisters –Eugenia, Alejandra and the aforementioned Claudia–, is like another daughter for Bertin, who has always considered her part of the family.
The young woman, 28 years old, dazzled at the Jerez wedding, in which she played a very important role as she was in charge of preparing the bride for her entrance into the church of San Miguel. And not only did she do it for her beauty, which she also has. Ana Cristina wore a red dress designed by herself.In addition, the overcoat that he wore over one shoulder and cinched at the waist included winks to his mother, his sisters and his father.
The dress that Ana Cristina Portillo designed to be radiant at her sister Claudia Osborne’s wedding. Source: (Instagram)
– Shows Spain (@EsEspectaculos) October 5, 2021
Ana Cristina Portillo, who lost his mother when he was only 11 years old, studied Management and Business Administrationand works in the commercial department of a company dedicated to port and logistics services. Before, he had made his first steps in the private banking sector. She spent two years, shortly after her mother’s death, at the exclusive English boarding school Leonards Mayfield School, where Victoria Federica de Marichalar also studied. There she had a reputation for being an applied student.
In addition, with more than 15,000 followers on her Instagram, she is an influencer and promotes some brands, such as the campaign that she starred in with her sisters for El Corte Ingles and some flamenco collections by Lourdes Montes, Francisco Rivera’s wife.
Although Ana Cristina has a very discreet profile and most of her friends are anonymous, she also has a large VIP gang in Madrid, such as actor Fernando Andina, Ana Boyer and Alonso Aznar , son of former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and Ana Botella, and has friends in common with Willy Barcenas, although she declares herself a fan of Enrique Iglesias, an artist she has gone to see in concert on occasion. She maintains a very close relationship with the Madrid-based Peruvian blogger Francesca Garcia-Miro , the designer Blanca Astolfi (Luis Astolfi’s niece), and with Lulu Figueroa , at whose wedding she and her sisters were bridesmaids.
His hobbies includehorse riding, painting and travel.She also loves sports, like surfing and skiing, and is passionate about yoga , like her sister Claudia.
His father, Fernando Portillo, is a well-known businessman and photographer from Cadiz who has had numerous exhibitions. The Portillo family is very famous in Cadiz, since Fernando Jorge Portillo Scharfhausen – Ana Cristina’s paternal grandfather – was president of the Provincial Council at the end of the 1960s, president of the Cadiz Savings Bank and deputy for the UCD. In addition, he was in charge of the construction of a sports pavilion in the capital of Cadiz that was a reference for exhibitions and sports competitions.
After four years of courtship, the youngest daughter of Sandra Domecq has a more than consolidated relationship with Santiago Camacho, an attractive aeronautical engineer who works at Airbus.

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