Javier is Hugo, who behind his appearance as a jovial Physical Education teacher, is one of the leaders of Ottox, the organization of Nazi origin that hides in the boarding school of La Laguna Negra. El internado, produced by Globomedia for Antena 3, reaches the conclusion of its sixth season today, with events that will mark the seventh season after the summer. Javier Rios also played Daniel, Hugo’s twin, who died a couple of deliveries ago at the hands of his own brother.
-After an appearance of a good person and a demanding teacher, Hugo has revealed himself to us as the most evil of the boarding school. You’ll have a blast with this interpretation…
-Well yes, playing a role of such a bad character is a lot of fun, distilling all that bad blood from a character. you let off steam…
-And how did it go to conjugate him with a twin brother
-Very well. It is difficult to find commissions like this on television. I had that difficulty and that work has motivated me more. I feel comfortable at the boarding school.
-How have you been preparing those characters
-Each actor resorts to his method, to his pirouettes. What I do is work on the script. I prepare the character by working with the text, because the characters are there, they are written.
-Does the quality of the work depend on the environment

It is said that the team of ‘El internado’ is one of the best avenues…
-There are many young people and there is a very good atmosphere, but it does not depend on whether a drama or a comedy is being recorded . In El internado I feel more comfortable than in My adorable neighbors, which I did before.
-Have you personally evolved a lot in these years
-Now I’m entering a stage of maturity and I’ve been learning from the work I’ve been behind, from the good experiences with Juan Diego, with Luis Tosar, from those who know a lot about acting…
-Do you continue
Hugo in the future of the boarding school
When do they begin to record the chapters of the seventh season
-We start in a couple of weeks and we will keep working until the summer, we almost reached September. Until then Hugo will be in the plot, then, I don’t know.
-Does El internado conclude after that seventh season, as it has been shuffled
-It is not for me to say. I do not know if the seventh is the last season.
-What would you like to do after finishing at the boarding school
-When I finish here I would like to direct my short. it motivates me I am excited to focus on a career as a director. Without neglecting the interpretation.
-The short film, despite the fact that it is a little appreciated and widespread format, is the inevitable path for future directors in Spain.
-These are the first steps to test yourself and to learn. In this job you are always learning. -To many his face sounds like a Coca Cola ad. However, he refused to play juvenile roles then.
-If I had accepted what they offered me then I think I would have been pigeonholed. It wasn’t a bad decision.

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