This Saturday, January 15, the Hotel Alfonso XIII dresses up again to host a new edition of We Love Flamenco, perhaps the most anticipated. After two years of pandemic in which flamenco fashion has experienced very difficult times, the catwalk returns to restore illusion and hope to designers and artisans and once again be that showcase of ruffles and polka dots.
With its first edition in 2013, We Love Flamenco celebrates its tenth anniversary this 2022. Ten years in which from GO! Events and Communication, the agency responsible for the catwalk, have turned flamenco fashion into a concept of Haute Couture . Now, in full countdown to return to see their parades,We’ll tell you everything you need to know about We Love Flamenco 2022 so you don’t miss a thing .
From January 15 to 21 we will be announcing the schedules of the parades, the designers, the chronicles and the photo galleries of We Love Flamenco 2022 on the web . You can also follow the latest trends in flamenco fashion and all the ins and outs through the Wappissima Instagram account.

Schedules of the parades of We Love Flamenco 2022

The X edition of We Love Flamenco has the participation of 28 flamenco fashion firms and distributed in 27 parades , in which the solidarity dye is not lacking. One more year, the flamenco fashion catwalk has alreadytraditional charity parade of the Sandra Ibarra Foundation Against Cancer , where the models are women who fight against this disease.
As a novelty, this year the We Love Flamenco parades for children , whose profits are destined for different causes such as Unicef ​​or Save the children, will also be integrated into the calendar of the week of parades. Viva by WLF , the little sister of We Love Flamenco, will do the same for emerging firms and designers, whose collective parade will be on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 18.
These are the schedules of the We Love Flamenco 2022 fashion shows.

The designers of We Love Flamenco 2022
We have already advanced the schedules of the parades, now it’s time to meet the designers who participate in We Love Flamenco 2022 and remember what their latest proposals in flamenco fashion were. We review the participation of designers in the previous edition of We Love Flamenco and warm up for the tenth anniversary of Flamenco Fashion Week .
Designers such as Rocio Peralta , Pol Nunez, Javier Mojarro, Jose Hidalgo, Carmen Acedo , Angela and Adela or Pepa Garrido participate in the X edition of We Love Flamenco , but they are not the only ones who come together in the first flamenco fashion catwalk of 2022.
These are the designers participating in We Love Flamenco 2022.

This is the tenth anniversary of We Love Flamenco

All the editions are special and they all make them very excited, but both recognize that the tenth is the most special of all . Celebrating a decade on the catwalks is a triumph, being the architects that we are finally going to see a flurry of flyers after two years of pandemic is much more than a victory.
“In this edition many things come together, it is the tenth anniversary and, in addition, we come from a pandemic, the feelings are very mixed and the effort to get here has been titanic “, acknowledge Laura Sanchez and Javier Vila, directors of the catwalk.
With the collections hanging on racks since 2020 and being a seasonal trend, both the designers and those responsible for the catwalk have had to work hard to celebrate We Love Flamenco 2022 . Perhaps because of the desire, the effort and that hope that they transmit, the X edition of We Love Flamenco is the most special .
Get to know the details of the tenth anniversary of We Love Flamenco.

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