The animal print is a trend that timidly appeared a few years ago and has been the star for several seasons. With the leopard print as the king of the wild print , we have seen that other prints have also taken over dresses, skirts and shirts. The leopard print had competitors: the snake print , the crocodile print and, now, the zebra print. But, as the grandmothers say, something will have the water when they bless it, and, regardless of the patterns that appear, the leopard animal print is always our favorite.
After several seasons being a very top trend, we have been discovering the garments that this pattern suits best and those that end up favoring us more. Last fall it was midi skirts and shirt dresses and this year, at least for now, blouses were still our absolute reference. But sometimes magic happens and, almost without realizing it, you discover the most beautiful and wonderful garment in the world, with the print of the moment and with a chic touch that you love.
That just happened to us with our new discovery. It is an H&M dress for which we have felt a total and absolute crush. It is, how could it be otherwise, leopard print, worth 20 euros and thisavailable in all sizes . Is it or isn’t it to die of love for it

The dress of the crush

We already know that it’s from H&M, but we’ll tell you more so that you end up falling in love with it. It is a short dress, with shoulder pads and sleeves that narrow towards the cuffs, with a slight puffed touch, and with the most beautiful leopard print of the moment. It is made of 100% polyester and to our surprise, it is available in all sizes.
Seen on a hanger (or on the web model) it looks like a simple dress with a straight cut, but its potential is tremendous. Being a straight cut, the dress cries out for you to frame it at your waist to give it a more chic touch. You can always wear it as is, but if you put a black belt on itWith a great buckle, you’ve got the look of the season and you won’t have gone broke to get it.
It looks so nice on, that you will want to use it even if the days start to get colder. Now you can combine it with the aforementioned belt, with ankle boots and an oversize blazer, but you can also wear it with very high boots and a warm coat. We love it with a leather jacket .
Have you already felt the crush like us

If so, we have to warn you, the leopard dress is only available on the H&M website. And, if you like the cut but still don’t dare with the print, the Swedish brand offers you the same dress in black with mini polka dots. Although the top dress is the leopard one.

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